Ace of Swords

Meaning of Ace of Swords

Use your wisdom like a weapon. Your intelligence is part of your charm (Charming others by your intelligence ). Your words and thoughts have a great power, for good and for bad, so use them prudently.

It is a fine time to release yourself from the past and cut off what no longer serves you well - worn thoughts, ideas, habits, convictions, beliefs, thought patterns... Also a time for resolving legal or any other disputes with others and yourself as well. Meditation on this card may help you dealing with such issues, as well as connection with abstract, archetypal realm of ideas.

Ace of swords is here to remind you of the power of intention. Well defined intention has long term effect and brings capability for changes in desired direction. Positive affirmations and NLP fit well The Ace of Sword.

Maybe you could read books such Four agreements if you already haven't or read again if you have. Recommended books are also Carlos Castaneda books where he wrote about spiritual power of intention and connection to spiritual world.

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Two of Swords

Meaning of Two of Swords

Two of swords is usually related to peace. On the image in Waite-Smith deck (Rider-Waite) there is woman pictured with swords crossed in each of her hands and with blindfold over her eyes. She is sitting and looks calm. The image gives the impression that she is in deep meditation. Behind her back is water, probably sea, and above her left side is the waxing moon. Two of Swords is very lunar card, not only because it is related with first decan of Libra ruled by the Moon. Number Two is also known as lunar and is related to division, fluctuations and water element. Having that in mind Twos are related to emotions, moods, changeability and volatility.

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Three of Swords

Meaning of Ten of Swords

Three of Swords is one of most unpleasant cards in the deck to deal with. The image of the card doesn't give any hope for happiness or joy. It's kinda obvious from the image of this card that it tells us about pain, sorrow, betrayal, unhappy love, broken promises and heartbreak.

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Four of Swords

Meaning of Four of Swords

Calm before the storm or calm after the storm is ever-present question when Four of Swords appears. This card announces period of inactivity and passivity. This inactivity may come as rest after some venture or as preparation for the next undertaking. It usually means both, when you are about to reintegrate mental capacities and recollect your strengths.

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Five of Swords

Meaning of Five of Swords

Five of Swords is card of loss and defeat. All of four fives are about disturbance, destruction and disintegration. As the swords are connected with air this is disturbance on mental and verbal level. The thoughts are about struggling and troubles. Five of Swords usually manifests as endless conflict about who or what is right. The one is ready to to defend his point of view and is going against everything even if he knows it is lost battle. Five of Swords is filled with certain doze of fatalism. Fatalistic views here have nothing to do with apologetic mind, this is more rebellious form of fatalism. The person plays on all or nothing and goes against fate and circumstances knowing that nothing is in his favor. Investing all his effort to win the battle the one is slightly losing his compass of morality, what is just and what is not. Finally, he may find himself too hard on others and himself as well. As he is getting exhausted in his striving for self-approval he becomes more sarcastic, biting, petty, inconvenient even cunning and treacherous. He doesn't hesitate on manipulation, intimidation, threats or blackmailing. There is whole range of undercover plans for revenge and defeating of enemy.

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Six of Swords

Meaning of Six of Swords

Six of swords is unspecified about positive or negative state and result. This is not the one which appoints exalted mood, high energy level and fullness nor to depths of depression and disasters. This is more likely moving on forward, from ill to better. Six of swords, similarly to other sixes, is about returning state of harmony and peace after challenging moments. It brings recovery, restoration, restoring hope and gives green light for movement.

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Seven of Swords

Meaning of Seven of Swords

Some of traditional meanings of Seven of Swords are futility, incomplete success, failure, insufficient effort, but also wish, hope, attempt, trust. I can't completely agree with all of listed traditional meanings and rely only on them in reading. From personal practice and readings I haven't noticed yet that Seven of Swords has anything with trust but contrary. Unless trust here means trust in one own self, personal instincts, intelligence and uniqueness.

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Eight of Swords

Meanign of Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords is an interesting and obviously unwelcome card. The point is that its influence is mostly based on our personal impressions and subjective views. Surely, it is quite enough to mess up the strings so I mean interesting in a mean way.

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Nine of Swords

Meanig of Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords is a card of heavy thoughts which make great pressure on individual's psyche and mental state. Not rarely, it is the feeling of self-guilty and regrets over past events. It refers to person's tendency to be very cruel and demanding toward himself. Constant analyzing of self and finding out only his own mistakes and missteps leads to self-harm and desperation. The one is feeling stressed and broken, left alone by everyone just with his sorrow and worries.

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Ten of Swords

Meaning of Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords is the card deepest bottom, total ruin and crush. One good thing about Ten of Swords is that that there is no worse after that. The bottom has been touched and the worst has already happened so after that there is only way out, if you survive this disaster. Of course, you will survive. It just seems to be such dreadful and exhausting experience but what didn't kill you may only makes you stronger. I don't want to say that Ten of Swords is a joke, but as it is about the swords which are related to the mind and thinking process, situation represented by Ten of Swords is often perceived worse than it really is. It is followed by heavy thoughts about the worst scenario one could imagine. It will pull out on the surface the most terrible and awful visions of the subject and face him up with his own deepest frustration. It could be a good practice to examine all these terrible thoughts and visions, trying to be logical and rational in order to find out what is causing them. Is it reality or rather one's own projections.

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Page of Swords

Meaning of Page of Swords

Page of Swords likes to play games, especially mind games of all kinds. Curiosity is very conspicuous even if the one tends to hide it. This person is quite talkative but also knows to be very good listener, as listening is a one way of observing others and world around. Perception is very highly developed, though it doesn't prevent this Genius from wrong conclusions and distorted interpretation.

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Knight of Swords

Meaning of Knight of Swords

This guy very often has really ugly personality, the one you would usually address as psycho, sociopath, insensitive dork. Who ever had and experience with this type knows what I'm talking about. One of those unemotional dorks you wouldn't feel sorry to shoot or stab, several times just in case you know he is pretty dead because they are though. Jinx like them don't want to die that easily. Of course, I don't recommend you such radical act, especially because this scum isn't worth your getting stuck in jail. But, few slaps are very recommended, just as educational measures, because he doesn't give a fuck for nice and kind words full of love and affection, just though hand and character can put up with this saucy, pert and arrogant creature. And never feel sorry if you brake his ego because he just want and need this. Thus, you may save him from bad karma if you teach him a lesson. At least his ego is so boosted and he is so arrogant, so a little harm won't brake him absolutely.

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Queen of Swords

Meaning of Queen of Swords

Queen of swords, as a court card, usually represents certain person or character. It may refer to your attitude toward certain situation which question is about. As person it is usually mature woman, clever and serious about her actions and deeds. She is rational, sometimes even too sharp, cold and distant. However, she might be great problem solver with her intelligence and huge experience. This woman's life probably was turbulent, with many highs and lows and very bitter experiences so she had learn to put up with that. The life learned her how to mobilize all her intelligence and knowledge and turn off emotions. So she may seem to be unemotional, cold and disconnected for other's outbursts but she is not the one who won't help if she can.

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King of Swords

Meaning of King of Swords

King of Swords as personal significator describes clever and intelligent man. He is studious with sense of impartial judgment. Fields of his interests are science, ethic, morality, law, order and research. He is interested in low and order on deep level - how the thing are functioning in the world, universe, among people and society. It includes low and order in social meaning, in a term of legal matters as well as in meaning of natural low and conditionality. So his professions could be very varied, from scientist in area of physics, mathematics, trough medicine or philosophy, to counselor, adviser, lawyer or judge. No matter what he chose, he tends to reach the highest position in chosen area so he could be found at the position of authority. Status and authority are very important to him, not only from a wealth reasons, he just wants to be on the top. He assumes he has to be on the top because of his intelligence, sharp mind, organizers abilities, deep concentration and focus on the core of the any matter, depending of his tasks. No doubt, there is a strong wish to be superior. If you are looking for him, you can find this type among professors, doctors, scientists, philosophers, politicians, ideologist, orators and so on. They are the people of ideas, big all-inclusive ideas, philosophies and ideologies which often turn into metaphysics. Beside their ratio and quick, sharp brain, they tend to be a way too much rational in the way that they become quite irrational in their rationality. This is the principle that extreme version of anything meets its opposite extreme end, which is in this case called "iron cage of rationality". Kings of Swords are usually very abstract in their thoughts and they really understand abstractions and tend to rationalize them and to put them down at more understandable level for others. Not rarely, they are misunderstood and their words are taken for granted and literal at the lowest level. They often speak in metaphors in order to make metaphysic closer to simplicity and vice versa, but it seems that is sometimes very hard to catch their point.

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