Ace of Swords

Meaning of Ace of Swords

Use your wisdom like a weapon. Your intelligence is part of your charm (Charming others by your intelligence ). Your words and thoughts have a great power, for good and for bad, so use them prudently.

It is a fine time to release yourself from the past and cut off what no longer serves you well - worn thoughts, ideas, habits, convictions, beliefs, thought patterns... Also a time for resolving legal or any other disputes with others and yourself as well. Meditation on this card may help you dealing with such issues, as well as connection with abstract, archetypal realm of ideas.

Ace of swords is here to remind you of the power of intention. Well defined intention has long term effect and brings capability for changes in desired direction. Positive affirmations and NLP fit well The Ace of Sword.

Maybe you could read books such Four agreements if you already haven't or read again if you have. Recommended books are also Carlos Castaneda books where he wrote about spiritual power of intention and connection to spiritual world.