About Lilly Tarot

I am LillyAnn Unukalhai, founder of Lilly-Tarot.com. This site is designed to be a summary of my experience, knowledge, work and my interest in mysteries sciences such Astrology, Qabalah, various mystical systems, astral experiences and especially the Tarot, as a divination system and self-development system.

As I've been interested in occult and mystic since my early age I've been passing through various interests and exploring them. It has also been a great exploration of myself - who am I, what is my dream, what are my deepest wishes, in which way I want to contribute to the world and support people around me and so on. Those are all questions about which I didn't know the answer at the start. The only thing I knew was that I want to go deeper and deeper into the core of the source of knowledge. As the time was passing by, some interests were changed, some disappeared and some stayed until today. Lilly-tarot.com is intended for those which stayed.

This site is specially designed for all those who can call themselves tarot-addicts. The book of the mystery of Tarot reveals itself step by step, smoothly and refined. The art of tarot is an endless journey and there is always something new, something deeper no matter how close to the secret we guess we are. And my dream and wish are to share the knowledge I've gotten and still getting because it's an endless process. If I am to judge I would say that one human life is too short to fathom consciousness, the wisdom of occult, the mystery of our universe end our expanding spiritual nature. The closer we are to the mystery, the closer we are to the eternity, and the divine of infinity becomes more addictive. I know that for all true seekers every bliss of cognition is one special moment in their life. The moment when they come in touch with unknown and subtle feeling that they already have been there and that is just refreshing of a memory of that state. The moment when we all know that spirit is always there at the same place and time, everywhere and every time but we are those who come closer or get estranged from the spirit. And that moment of bliss and clarity is what I call addictive.

At this pages, I am going to concentrate on both sides of coins. I will write about the metaphysical, spiritual and occult side of Tarot what come in touch with Astrology and other mystery disciplines, and on the other side, about practical and everyday useful tips of reading Tarot and divination. As the spectrum of symbolism is very wide, it includes all spheres of life, from the most primitive and grounded to the deepest, abstract and spiritual. I am not denying the material world, even contrary! I am considering myself as a supporter of the idea that material realm is a base for the higher realms of existence. The root of material existence is in an abstract world of archetypes and primal ideas - call them that, and all we know are just emanations from higher realm our path is going from the bottom up, from recognition of emanation, their purpose and reason, to from where and how they came. The physical life and obvious things are just consequences, but the one must start with the consequence to find a true cause. Once the cause is known many consequences might be prevented and many might be produced. In my work with Tarot and occult science, I wish to help those interested in improving their lifestyle and well-being, their interests, ambitions, self-exploration and their self-improvement. I will gladly help in researching personal problems, inhibitions that block one's happiness, love problems, career, traumas, indecisiveness and everything else which stands in the way of reaching goals and fulfillment.

I am a skilled Tarot reader with deep intuitive insight. I prefer to give rational and reasonable answers to my clients, using my knowledge of the Tarot, intuition and the logic. My advice is practical and useful in any life situation. I've been interested in Tarot since my teenage and Tarot reading is my focus for last few years. The first deck which I used for several years was Thoth Tarot deck. Now I'm doing my readings on the Rider-Waite tarot deck, which I found as more universal than Thoth Tarot but still rich with symbolism and multilayered.

My interests and experience with occult are not limited to Tarot only. I also have background in astrology, both modern and traditional western astrology. I also have experience with energy healing, Reiki, using crystals to expand consciousness and for meditation, using a pendulum for divination and as an energy detector, lucid dreams, precognition, spiritual self-development and the occult.