Love in Tarot

Happy Valentines Day

Love and romance are everlasting and ever-present themes when it comes to Tarot readings. More than 80% of readings are in one or another way about love, romance and relationships.

The suit of Cups usually refers to love and emotional matters in general. So the Cups suit is the main one when it comes to romantic love. We always like to see Cups cards in spread regarding love, except 5 of Cups and maybe 7 and 8 of Cups. But Cups suit isn't always and necessary about romantic love. There are different kinds of love and different things affect our emotions. If someone feels joy doing his job, it will be shown through the Cups suit as well as the joy in the romantic relationship. So the question is of great importance because it leads the reading. On the other hand, having a question about a romantic relationship and not having Cups cards in the spread, isn't always the hopeless case.

All cards from the deck could be read in different context whether you ask about the love, relationship, romance, job, finance, work, projects or about your inner world, spirituality, guides, state of mind, body and soul. There is an answer to almost all the questions what could be on one’s mind. The cards have their meanings, but we read them in different contexts depending on the question. Besides that, some card combinations are very typical. When they come together in the same spread they influence each other and emphasize the specific theme.

In this article, I want to reflect specifically on Tarot cards combinations that strongly suggest romance, infatuation and romantic love. Three or more of them in the same spread are welcome to bring the conclusion that there is Love tarot cards combination.

Significant cards for Love Tarot cards combination are obviously The Lovers and Two of Cups. They are like the pillars, while other cards will give more details.

The Lovers refer to both romantic and physical attraction between two people. But it also very often refers to a choice between two love interests. It is usually a choice between true love and instant blind infatuation. When there are The Lovers, there is a temptation. This card may put your or your love interest's love to a test. In the most positive context, The Lovers card may mean so much more than just infatuation and have a good time together. It could mean that you are soulmates or twin-flames.

The Lovers and the Court cards

The Lovers and two court cards may represent you and your love interest. If court cards are compatible by suits or belong to the same suit it's great! But having more than two court cards in the spread beside The Lovers is tricky. It may suggest that one of you is considering other options. This is enhanced with Seven of Cups even more.

Suit of Cups is compatible with Pentacles suit, and Wands are compatible with Swords. Cups and Swords get along well together, as well as Wands and Pentacles. Opposite suits, which hardly get along are Swords with Pentacles, and Wands with Cups.

Having King and Queen from the same suit in the spread means that you have very similar expectations and ideas about love and romance. Wands are driven by passion and attraction, Cups by feelings and emotions, Pentacles by stability and security, and Swords by curiosity, intellect and mental interaction.

Any of the Knights may represent a person who is about to enter or leave your life. Knight may also represent the person you've met just recently. The direction of where the Knight is heading in the spread will show you if he is coming to you or going away. Of course, the suit is important and will tell more about the nature and character of the Knight.

The position of the body and the direction of looking are giving you additional insights when it's about the court cards. If they are face to face, it means there are mutual attraction and interest. If the one looks at the other who turned the head off, it may mean that attraction isn't mutual, or that the person who is looking on the other side isn't aware of the person who is 'looking' at them. The one who is looking away is most likely occupied by something else. If they both turn heads off of each other, there is little or no attraction, interaction or compatibility. Even if they think they like each other, their points of view, interests and the ways of life are too different so there are kind of just passing by each other.

King and Queen of Cups with The Lovers is a very interesting and favorable combination. It suggests deep feelings, attraction and compatibilities at all levels. Combination of The Lovers, Queen of Cups and King of Cups often refer to the connection at the soul level.

The Lovers and Cups cards

The Lovers and Seven of Cups

The Lovers and Seven of Cups simply suggest having too many choices and more potential love interests. The one easily gets impressed and attracted by other charming personalities, easily gets infatuated and even easier disappointed because it's not as seemed to be. Or very soon things are not anymore as they used to be at the very beginning.

The Lovers and Three of Cups

The Lovers and Three of Cups together have both pros and cons. Pros - it may suggest a lot of fun and having a good time together. Cons - the partner is too easy-going and too 'openminded'. If you are not a fan of open relationships and experiments you might not like this. If there is The Fool with The Lovers and Three of Cups, you probably can't expect a long-lasting and committed relationship, besides all the fun and good time. However, having Three of Cups and The Lovers together may be great for friendship.

The Lovers and Six of Cups

This is a very interesting combination because of its variety of meanings. Six of Cups is related to the past, memories and sentimentality. The past and everything that belongs to the past is romanticized. Not uncommon, Six of Cups and The Lovers refer to your love interest from the youth or teenage days.

The Lovers and Six of Cups might bring back love interest from the past in your life again. Yet, there is no guarantee that it will come to a realization. Depending on surrounding cards, it may suggest that you or your love interest from the past is engaged, yet old feelings might be evoked once again. Reflect on what do you feel and what memories arise. Six of Cups and The Lovers duo invites you to clarify still present connections with your love interest from the past. Once you understand what keeps you dwelling on the past when it's about your love life, you'll be able to make the right choice in the future.

The Lovers and Six of Cups may also suggest that you have a past life connection with a certain person which may be the reason for unresolved emotional connection and a deep feeling of romantic nostalgia. Such bonds are strong and often misunderstood.

When Two of Cups follows The Lovers and Six of Cups, it confirms that your wishes can come true. Two of Cups here tends to unite the lovers from the past whose feelings resisted the test of time. The Lovers, Six of Cups and Two of Cups in combination strongly suggest that you are a twin-flames!

The Lovers and The Devil

The Lovers and The Devil in combination refer to a very strong magnetic attraction. The connection is strong and beyond understanding, because it operates at the very basic instinctive level. You may not be sure why do you want that person that badly, but you do want them and that's all that matters to you. This could be a karmic relationship with unresolved issues which should be brought to the light. It is highly possible that you and your love interest are very different personalities with very different systems of values which makes such relationships very complicated and almost impossible. Yet, such relationships are very passionate and intense so they usually last in a certain form for a very long time.

The Devil is kind of downfall of The Lovers. In some sense, The Devil represents the perverted and distorted image of The Lovers. This relationship is not light. Instead, it is full of obsessions and possessiveness. Often, The Devil's Lovers are separated, willfully or not, but still, they can't get off of each other.

The temptation factor is even more enhanced when the Devil is present.

Othe significant Love cards

Ace of Cups – love and romance are on the horizon, whether a new one or in an already existing relationship. The alone one may meet someone and a couple could have a good and refreshing time together. Love is in the air. Ace of cups promises a good time and pleasant moments, this is a little new beginning so catch it.

Three of Pentacles – believe or not, it is a love card. It is good if it appeared in love spreads because it refers to good cooperation, trust, long-lasting partnership, interests you share together in love, life, work, ethic etc., similar lifestyle, habits and so on. If it appears after conflict or separation the usual meaning is reconciliation. It means that you as a couple have a lot of worthy things behind what can’t be easily denied.

Six of Swords – Quiet port, difficulties are overcome, painful experiences are behind and wounds are healed. This one shows support between partners, love, trust, and commitment. It usually suggests that you are getting great compassion and support of your loved one in the time of troubles or weakness. In the same time, this card represents the end of hard times and the beginning of a happy period. This card often suggests going somewhere or travel, so in love readings is may hint to a romantic trip together. Six of Swords also stands for communication, spoken or written. So, in the context of love, it may refer to exchanging messages, receiving love messages, fluent communication between two persons and generally good understanding.

Knight of Cups – you may expect romance, romantic love and pleasure. This type of person is the one who lives for one single moment of beauty, love and passion. He also refers to attractive and idealistic persons of both sexes. This person is at the same time the one who idealizes others and the one who is idealized. It is due to this person is very sensitive, receptive, intuitive and reflective. You may see your ideal partner in the Knight of Cups, whether it is a male or female person because they have that natural ability to reflect and project traits that are favorable to the people around them.

Page of Cups – pleasant news, love messages, romantic chat, sweet surprise, compliments, present, romantic declaration of love... Page of Cups as a person, share some similar traits to the Knight of Cups described above, though to the less extent.

Knight of Pentacles – represent a loyal but complicated partner. He is possessive and stubborn with both feet on the ground. He doesn’t look so romantic, he is usually shy or too serious to show his infatuation. This type of person doesn’t like to look like a desperate fool as Knight of Cups seems from his point of view, except he is too drunk to think about does he act like a fool. But as you know about knights from the legend and lores those are the once who are ready to sacrifice for their lady’s love.

Knight of Wands - often represents a charming person who would do anything to capture your attention. However, this card more often suggests just a flirt than something more. This could be a short and passionate affair with an unpredictable future.

Eight of Wands - declaration of love, love messages, love chat, spontaneous flirt, excitement, fast falling in love.

Five of Pentacles - this card is not so bright and you may wonder how it comes to be here among the rest of the cards. Well, the reason for it is similar in some way to having here The Devil also. Very often Five of Pentacles refers to the karmic relationships and connections which last for a long time, with some ups but way more downs. Partners from the past may be united again just to get separate for one more time. This card represents togetherness and separation as the two sides of the same coin. Love that Five of Pentacles represent is not light.