Tarot cards health meaning - Pt. 1 Major Arcanas

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What follows is series of articles related to medical questions in tarot readings. It is meant to be the review of all 78 Tarot cards meanings through in light of medical and health-related issues. Keep in mind that this list could be wider or shorter than it is. This is what I find appropriate to mention and give a hint. It includes a lot of examples from real readings for real persons who gave a feedback information. This is the first and main reason why I found it valuable to sort it out in these lists. Every article from this group is related to the specific group of cards: Major Arcanas, Swords suit, Wands suit, Cups suit and Pentacles suit. The deck what I currently use is the standard Waite-Smith deck, best known as Rider-Waite deck and health-related meanings of cards are based on that deck. I believe that those meanings could be appropriate for the vast majority of new and modern decks based on original RW deck. Yet, every deck has it's specifics, thus bigger or lesser variations of meanings. So, my suggestion for you is that if you decide to use those meanings use them for standard RW deck and its very alike variations.

This article, which is also the first from this group, is dedicated to Major Arcana and what they refer to if the question is health/illness related. You will notice that different terms are used for some cards. It is because of their essential nature. Some of them speak about health, some speak about illnesses and conditions, and some about bigger or lesser disorders. Some of them also refer to specific persons as professionals. as well as about the way of medical approach.

The Fool

Unexpected health problems, usually not so critical. Health problems as a result of frivolous attitude toward one's health and the careless attitude that troubles won't happen. Issues caused by one's adventurous and easy-going lifestyle. Risky behavior and acting before thinking about consequences. You have a luck, but don't rely only on it. Be more cautious.

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The Magician

Specialists, doctors, professionals. Both contemporary and traditional approach to official medicine.

Take their advice because they trained and practiced in the matter. You may also already know what is the best for your health. Mental tension might be the cause of the problem. You may need a rest of overthinking, multitasking and speculations. Nervous system tension.

The High Priestess

Specialists, doctors, professionals, endocrinologist, therapists. Holistic approach. Both physical and psychological approach.

Follow your intuition. Psychic tension and psychosomatic conditions. You intuitively know the cause of your problems, even if you consciously avoid to accept it. You may need more rest, more sleep, time just for yourself and especially to be alone away from the outer noise. Listen to your inner voice and trust your body. For women: hormonal imbalance, irregular cycle, ovaries, migraine, anemia, low blood pressure, fatigue.

The Empress

Nutrition, food allergy, inappropriate diet, eating disorders, weight gain, pregnancy. Nurture and spoil yourself. Herbal remedies might be of help. Problems with the throat, vocal cords, thyroid gland. Excessive shopaholic issues caused by inner discontent. Beauty non-invasive treatments, anti-age treatments. In some cases, there could be more radical methods such aesthetic surgery.

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The Emperor

Muscle tension, workaholic, stress, blood pressure, manager's diseases, etc. The one is very confident about own health. Problems with accepting professional advice. The health is stable and good in general, but there are possibilities for acute problems such inflammation, and sight problems. Middle-aged man crisis. The immune system is strong so if there are any current health problems, they could be overcome easily. Discipline is essential as well as to follow professional advice. If there are no current health conditions, the physical state will remain positive.

The Hierophant

Doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, therapists. The traditional approach in official medicine.

Listen to professionals and follow their advice. Don't rely on superficial knowledge and unverified advice you may find for instance on the internet. Accepting changes and being adaptable is of vital importance. If you have a dilemma regarding traditional and alternative medicine, the first one is a better choice in your case. This card refers to problems with stomach, bowels, liver, slow metabolism, bad eating habits and inappropriate diet. Obesity is possible as well as health problems which come with the age.

The Lovers

In general, health is good and if there is any condition the recovery might be fast. Usually, one condition may follow another, and when one is treated well the second one disappears too. Possible sensitive points: lungs, the airways, pair organs, susceptibility to external conditions whether they are surrounding, people, pollution etc. Allergies, inner conflicts, the division of mind, psychological problems, identity problems, bipolar disorder, nervousness. The one should be aware of which and whose advice accepts. There could be opposite advice. The balance is needed.

The Chariot

Physical health is usually good and physical constitution is strong. Problems could be caused by overburning and by taking to much on because one relays on his strength and endurance. The one needs to know when it's time to hold on. Physical fatigue due to overwork. This card is related to body and vehicles, so this gives a space for accidents caused by vehicles, on the road or by working with machines.

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This card is particularly good when it's about health. It refers to good health conditions, strong constitution, vitality and general wellbeing. If there are any remaining health conditions, Strenght suggest that recovery is at the door and it will be fast. You may feel the need for more physical activity. If you are already into gym workouts you may want to improve your program in the gym such adding more series or more weight in your resistance training. In this period you especially may gain benefits from physical training. Take care not to overdo! On the psychological level, this card refers to motivation, optimism and willpower for improving physical well-being.

The Hermit

Professionals with longtime experience, doctors, shamans, healers of various kind, official and alternative. Traditional approach rather than innovations in case of both standard and alternative medicine.

In general, tiredness, lack of physical strength, need for rest and silence, conditions related to older age. Feeling drained after too much work. Feeling older than you actually are. Back pain, neck pain, upper back issues. Losing weight, malnutrition, fasting, exhaustion, hypochondria sometimes. On the mental level, you may find yourself rather melancholic than bright. You may experience the need for withdrawal. The cause for feeling weak and physically exhausted may lay in the fact that you were quite mentally active in the recent period. This card refers to thinking and analytical personality. Maybe it's time to put your mind a bit off. Enjoy some time alone in meditation and contemplation. Take enough time to sleep because you need the reset.

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The Wheel of Fortune

Changes for good or for bad. Depending on a lot of surrounding cards, which precede and which follow. Sudden changes in energy level, mood swings, nerve compression, lower back pain, spinal discs, sacral spine. In general, this card is positive, even if it shows negative changes, they are rarely strongly negative. Regarding health, it suggests instability rather than something unambiguous negative. Path of recovery might go in cycles, with a lot of ups and downs in meanwhile. Pay attention to the sacral spine and take care especially if you already suffer from lower back pain.


Pair organs - lungs, kidneys, ovaries; spine, lower back, lumbar spine. The key is in balance in any meaning of the term. The balance between activity and inactivity, work and rest. Don't overdo anything. As much you invest in your health as much you will get in return. State of mind is also important in terms of balance. Regarding that, be mindful, rational, objective, reasonable and impartial. The inner imbalance may affect health. This card doesn't speak of positive or negative in particular regarding health. The health could be better than it currently is, but also it is not too bad as it may seem. The main issues here come from any kind of imbalance and susceptibility to outer influences and outer imbalance as well. Surroundings might play a big part in affecting health.

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The Hanged Man

In general not so positive about health matters. Lack of energy and vitality. Physical weakness as a result of mental attitude. The person might not be satisfied with himself, low self-esteem, self-punishment, melancholy, apathy, sloppiness. Poor living conditions affect health. Dizziness, back pain caused by bad posture, knee pain, ankles, joint, twists. Decreased activity. Don't delay and procrastinate.

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Endangered health but not necessary that much as it may seem. Anyway, you should act fast. Fear of illness is usually greater than the illness itself. Physical pain not related to any specific area, it could be anywhere and everywhere in the body. Lack of strength, negligence of physical needs, problems with bones, wrists, teeth, malnutrition, bad living habits which affect health. On mental level - sorrow, hatred, anguish, insomnia, exhaustion, nightmares, fears. Accept professional advice instead of surrendering to a fate. Quit bad habits and act, don't let fear to overwhelm you. Detoxication might be the right thing to do. Add some vitamin supplements.

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Chemist, pharmacist, pharmaceutist, sometimes alternative healers and non-invasive alternative healing approach.

This card is positive regarding health. It announces healing and recovering. It doesn't refer to healers and doctors by vocation but it unequivocally means healing and easing the pain. If the health is already good it will remain that way if querent stays moderate. It suggests that the key is in moderation. Which means, be temperate even with "good" stuff such meds, vitamins and various supplements. This card is related to chemistry and pharmacy. So it gives an open possibility for chemical substance abuse. Especially do not overdo painkillers because recovery is on its way. A possibility of the placebo effect.

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The Devil

Artificial and fake witchdoctors and doctors, moneymakers at the expense of someone's troubles and fears. Dont's trust them. You will spot them if they charge a lot and play on your fear and weakness. Usually promises total recovery without even checking the conditions.

The danger lays in indulgence, overdo and abuse of certain substances. This is the card of addictions and vices. STD, infections, viruses, intoxication, problems with skin, eczema. On a psychic level, depression, obsessions, phobias, phantasm. Spending too much psycho-physical energy on trivialities might be the cause of mental and physical imbalance which is not necessary any particular illness. Less risky behavior, more awareness and mindfulness is the key.

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The Tower

Unexpected, sudden health troubles. Inflammations, fever, high temperature, strokes; hospitals, medical interventions, invasive treatment. The possibility of accidents caused by fire. Accidents related rather to closed spaces, indoors and high building, than to open space. Accidents caused by weather conditions which are impossible to control such earthquake, wildfire, floods, storms, tsunami etc. Don't play with fire, literally and metaphorically.

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The Star

Usually positive regarding health, suggests recovery and well-being. Still, there is a possibility that medications will be needed as well as some sort of intervention. Pregnancy, artificial insemination, surrogacy. Possible skin problems, dermatitis, allergies. Faith and positive mental attitude may do a lot here, yet don't rely only on that. Contemporary anti-age medicine treatments, beauty treatment, aesthetic surgery. Medicine for the purpose of radical self-image changes. Modern medicine, radiology, alternative medicine.

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The Moon

Left eye, psychological issues, unknown factors affect physical health, cysts, swelling, excessive accumulation of fluids, lymph, lymphocytes, lymphatic system, hormonal imbalances, irregular cycle, edemas, feet, lower abdomen, low blood pressure. Diagnosis might be misleading because of hidden or unknown factors. Check twice or more times if needed. On a psychic level, mood swings, insomnia, depression, hallucinations. A possibility of substance abuse. This card may suggest that the querent is susceptible to psycho-physical issues due weather changes and Moon's cycles.

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The Sun

Right eye problems, fatigue caused by being too much exposed to the sun, sunstroke, sunburn, fever, high blood pressure, heart conditions, temperature, inflammations. In general, The Sun suggests vitality and good psycho-physical conditions. Stay hydrated if spending too much time exposed to the Sun.

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Fast recovery, the strength of spirit, psycho-physical rebirth, radical change to better; new, healthy lifestyle; spiritual awareness helps recovery, vitality and health are restored, metamorphosis, feeling better than ever before, feeling younger than you actually are, positive changes on a long run, final long-lasting recovery, rejuvenation, refreshment. Self-healing abilities. The querent is most responsible for his own health, more than any professional involved.

The World

The balance between mind, body and spirit. Complete and final recovery if there were health issues. If there aren't any health conditions already, this card suggests remaining in a good state of body, mind, and spirit for a long time. Anti-age treatments, rejuvenation, refreshment.

The next article from this group will be about medical meanings of the suite of swords.