Ace of Wands

Meaning of Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands represent source and root of Fire element. Due to that it holds all attributions related to element of fire in the purest, unmodified from as it is the case with cards numbered two to tens. It represent whole element and its primal essence. The rest of pip cards are modification of this pure form and its various expressions are based on qualities of specific zodiac signs and decans they are divided on.

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Two of Wands

Meaning of Two of Wands

Here we deal with the card of action, will power and domination. After Ace, which represent initiation and oneness, two is the first division. All of four twos are dualistic in their nature. In the matter of wands, dualism is about energy and will power. After initial action, Two of Wands represent division of energy, which could have its positive and negative side.

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Three of Wands

Meaning of Three of Wands

Three of Wands is in co-relation with second decan of Aries which is ruled by Sun. Aries is the sign of Sun's exaltation which is between 18th and 19th degree, also in the 2nd decan. It is obvious that Sun is the most potent at that position, near the degree of exaltation, in second decan. Consequently, Three of Wands has very Solar nature and includes most of Sun's attributions.

This card refers to leading and conquering. This is a brave journey to unknown distant lands, but with full awareness of each step. It is about courage, discipline, expansion and pioneering spirit packed together. The one has clear idea of what and how to perform his mission. Here is a strong sense of duty and responsibility as well as sense of being representative and taking the main role.

The journey may be literally physical or metaphysical. It is also spirit and soul journey where subject discovers himself and tests his limits. Astral traveling, astral, ethereal and mental projection are all pictured at this card. If you see yourself as an aspirant you may try to meditate on Three of Wands to fix your intention to wanted result. If you are not attracted to idea of going that far you can use this for foresight and to widen your views.

In every day practice meditation or visualization of Three of Wands could strengthen your Solar attributions mentioned above such leadership, self-integrity, establishment of new ideas and clarification of old ones, self-expression or could help turning hobby into business.

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Four of Wands

Meaning of Four of Wands

Today is a party time, celebration after finishing the job. This is a happy card which promises satisfaction. It is the great time to gather your friend and dear people and spend some time with them, or going out at the party. The four of wands speaks about passage, arrival or farewell. Those who arrive are welcome and those who leave are affectionately sent off. The Pleasant and lovely atmosphere, also a great time for sensual moments. You could choose to spend this time alone devoted to yourself, your beauty and relaxing. Related to Venus in Aries this card suggest beautiness of body, attractive and modern look, sexy styling, provocative behavior(or appearance), self-confidence and optimism in flirting. But, as all fours, four of wands brings the possibility of an overstatement and overdrive in such things so take care not to cross boundaries of good taste.

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Five of Wands

Meaning of Five of Wands

Five of Wands is one of ambiguous and multilayered cards. In many tarot deck it refers to competition, strife, aggression and discord. It is true, Five of Wands possess a large amount of aggressiveness and brings some troubles, but also has very positive meanings behind that. At the first place it is creativity and energy drive. If aggressiveness and hassle are well imposed this card may refer to fine success. Somehow, it brings some luck in not so lucky situation.

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Six of Wands

Meaning of Six of Wands

Six of wands is card of victory. Victory has many faces and forms, from very physical meaning to more subtle. No matter what, this triumph must be seen, admired and glorified. It is associated to the second decan of Leo which is ruled Jupiter. Here we have expansive Jupiter combined with natural born king Leo. Leo's features are very accented and extended with Jupiter, even exaggeratedly. This is a picture of king on his throne or proud winner adored by many who is very aware of his dignity and popularity.

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Seven of Wands

Meaning of Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands describes a situation you can often see in movies. There is hero in main role who is extraordinary brave and ready to do all possible and impossible things in order to defend and vindicate his beliefs, reasons, ideals, strongly to stand behind what he deems is right, to be victor or decedent. He is not only brave, he is also honest, noble, persistent and determined on his way. He fights for his or someone's else right, for weaker and his mission is expulsion of justice to the daylight. Very often, he has a lot of mean enemies who try to attack him from every side and prevent his success. Many obstacles are on his way but he is willing to get into clinch and cope with it. He is passing trough a lot of troubles and crisis and often he is left alone. So called friends and people of trust often leave him stranded just in time when they are most needed. So he finds himself left behind, alone and betrayed. In mid time he is getting into many temptations, his will is becoming shaky but somehow he is finding and drawing more strength from himself to stay on his way. His pride may become broken and his confidence thwarted, he may become renegade and outlaw, his words and deeds neglected and rejected but he will still stand for his believes, ideals and what he thinks that is right. Till the end of the movie, our hero is usually victor, he defended his honor and return his glory. He appears again as the honest and right one and the justice he fought for is defended. Now he is again favorite of many, even of those who left him previously.

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Eight of Wands

Meaning of Eight of Wands

Swiftness is the major characteristic of Eight of Wands. Acting quickly, quick thinking, moving, swift reaction, instant and sudden changes, quick reasoning and anything which has something with swiftness. This card signifies quick changes and implies fluctuations of energy flow. Energy level might oscillate up and down in moments because so much force is applied so quickly. Lifting energy of Eight of Wands removes blockages and bring enthusiasm what leads to action. The desire for rapid manifestation may cause hastiness and thoughtless deeds and words.

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Ten of Wands

Meaning of Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands is the card of hardworking and investing great effort but missing the appropriate reward. Final gain and success are not in proportion with invested efforts and talents. Ambition and will to do a lot are strong but followed by taking on too much and being overburdened. Ten of Wands could also be called a card of thwarted or reduced success.

In Thoth Tarot, Ten of Wands is named Oppression. This title resonate with the description from above but also suggest to existing subject and object of oppression. There is a one who oppresses the other and other who is oppressed. So it points to two-way relations, between subject and object of oppression. In that manner the who is oppressed isn't just a victim of his own ambition. It rather refers to example of person who works hard for his boss for low reward and poor pay.

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King of Wands

Meaning of King of Wands

King of Wands is here to remind you about your ambitions, leading abilities and thirst for success. His motto is "the power is in my hands" and "everything depends on me". He suggests you to reorganize your work to gain more success. Implementation of new idea will improve your job.

This is a good time to organize your duties for this weak. To be a planner, like King of Wands is, write down all what you need and want to do. Be your own manager and make yourself influential person in yours and others eyes.

Research your qualities and virtues and find out where you best fit the King of Wands. If those of your abilities have been asleep for a while, it's time to refresh them.

King of Wands warns you not to get into false pride, vanity and self-assumption after reached success. Don't be blinded by temporary splendor and cultivate qualities such generosity, kindness, open mindedness and width of spirit.

This card represents persons having strong personality, leadership, impact on others, braveness or organizational skills. They could be entrepreneurs, managers, business partners of rich man. Also this card can represent dominant man of love partner.

If you have type of King of Wand person in close environment you probably already know how it could be hard to cope with them if they become too demanding, severe and stubborn. The best cure for that mood is ignoring them. Soon they will need attention again and will slow down. At least, they are worthy of trust and you could learn from them a lot.

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