The Empress

Meaning of The Empress

The Empress is third Major Arcana, usually related to planet Venus. The Empress represents everything related to femaleness. This is an archetype figure of women, in both traditional and modern views about womanly, female nature, what is related to women, what is their function in society and in life at all. As an archetype, this is very wide and open fields of associations, because it includes almost everything related to certain concept, so here may be found even some opposite characteristics.

For the sake of the most complete meaning I would link The Empress with both planets Venus and Moon because she is complex archetype and I wouldn't limit it only to one of the aspects. I would also make a references with astrological signs Taurus and Libra for reasons I will now present. Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus where is also exaltation of Moon. So in Taurus are incorporated both Venusian and Moon-like features of The Empress. Because of that and Taurus earthly qualities related to wealth, fertility, mother earth, nature, food and hedonism Taurus fits some of The Empress'es aspect. Also Taurus like nature, gardens, flowers and comfort of domestic life. Femininity of Taurus is sensuous and natural. On the other side stands Libra with more refined manners, who lives for beauty and adores luxury and easy life. Libra like to be seen as the beautiful one and to be under the spotlight and in public. Femininity of Libra is fresh and decent, as a sign of balance, everything has to be at its place and gallant. Being fashionable and following trends is more of Libra feature. Their beauty is in the same time modern, classical and timeless. Just remember of Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and Margaret Thatcher who were the real empresses in their times and roles.

The Empress, as a daily card, suggests you, no matter are you a woman or man, to surrounded yourself with beauty and things that make you happy and comfortable. Taking care of your inner and outer beauty is like an imperative for today. Love and nurse yourself the best you can and be ready to spread it on the others around, don't forget here is about giving and receiving. Visiting hairdresser or beauty salon is good idea too. If you like more the comfort of your place you may prepare an aromatic bath with scented oils which will nurse your skin. Rose water would also fit well. Light up scented sticks or candles to make this ritual complete. The Empress is related to high quality cosmetics, especially with natural and healthy ones. Plants and flowers, especially roses are under influence of The Empress. Also with her nurturing aspect, she suggests healthy and skillfully prepared food which will feed your body along with your tastes.

Meditate upon the card of The Empress to connect with your inner aspect of her. As an archetype picture this is something that we all bear inside of us, all without exception men and woman. This is one of the female aspects of ourselves along with others such a High Priestess. It is part of our Anima. Let The Empress lead you to your understanding of womanhood and woman in whole. When you have a word woman on your mind what is your first association? Think over the relation you have with your mother. Which associations does it awake? Which relations have you had with all different women you met in your life? Can you find a pattern? It is said that attitude you have had towards your mother is replicated in relations you have with other women in your life. And which is the most important, it is replicated to relation you have toward yourself.

If you are a woman, meditation on The Empress may help you to understand your own femininity. The Empress may lead you to answers how you fit in role of mother and wife. Can you see yourself in those roles? If yes, how do you feel toward it, if no, why not? Do you reject those aspect for some reason? Which is your type of femininity? Where is you empire, empire of domestic life, professional, romantic, in the shadow or in public? In which sphere would you like to shine on like an Empress?