Personal Card Of The Year, Part II

Looking to Year to Come

When you choose your method of calculating you Personal Card Of The Year or use them all, it's time to get to know what your cards have to tell you for this year.

The Magician

You are the creator of your world and your reality. You run your own reality show. It is a favorable time to start something new and arrange your reality using your skills and knowledge. Information is of great importance in coming year. No matter if you receive them, give or transmit them, choose wisely what are you doing with information because everything is possible.

The High Priestess

This year for you may seem quite passive at the surface. You may find yourself withdrawn from the crowd and daily life ordinaries. During this year you will connect more with your inner self and your intuitive side. This may lead you to relay more on your inner wisdom and that many things are not as they seem on the surface. When the things seem irrational or illogical, the closest option you can rely on is your intuition. Intuition is a quite natural ability, it is like an inner compass and inward ratio. The intelligence of the intuition is great but not always obvious.

The Empress

The Empress promises abundance and prosperity. If The Empress is your card of the year you may expect a lot of pleasures and great comfort. In work matters, she may bless you with fruition and success as a result of previous effort. In the fields of love and family, The Empress may announce marriage, family enlargement, building your own family or getting a house. As the embodiment of the great feminity, The Empress may accelerate your female side of the personality and enrich every attribution related to it.

The Emperor

The Emperor suggests you that you are at the top. You steadily rule your world and you have gained a lot of personal power. But, at the same time, the great responsibility comes as the consequence of the rising power. The Emperor is the embodiment of the masculine principle, you whether you are a man or a woman, you will get more in touch with your masculine side. You may experience an urge to rule, command, organize and build. During this year you may rely more on your ratio and steadfast evidence than on your feelings and intuition.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant tells us about the knowledge and the truth. You could be the one who teach others, spokesman of the knowledge and truth, an activist or guru of any kind. Your voice will be heard. Or you may be the one who seeks for them. In both ways, this card represents maturity, seriousness and sense of personal responsibility. If you are a student, this could be a year of your graduation. Your voice will be heard and admired, as well as your opinions on given matter.

The Lovers

The Lovers not only represent a couple but also having multiple choices and unity of polarities. So, if it's your The Lovers year, it may bless you with many various options, like-minded people around you and a lot of fun. You may also find out how polarities fit each other and how they are two faces of the same coin. It's only up to you what will you chose! The Lovers bring popularity, a lot of friends but also rivals. You may act as a mirror to others and vice versa. So you can attract people and situation you perfectly fit with and at the same time the complete opposite. Remember that for every good twin, there is its counterpart - an evil twin. Your job is to put it all together.

The Chariot

The Chariot card tells you that you are moving toward your goals and your victory. The circumstances could be tough, but you are tough too. You have enough power and drive to rich your goals and purpose. Your destiny is in your arms. The Chariot also warns you not to push so hard if your ambition is driven only by your ego. You might become your biggest enemy and obstacle if you refuse to practice self-awareness.


This card mostly refers to your inner strength. The strength of your spirit, will, mastering oneself. You will learn and experience that the great power comes from within followed by calmness coldblooded. It's not loud and not theatrical. The Strenght is kind of opposite to The Chariot. It's about mastering and ruling your inner world instead of outer environment. Here you compete with yourself, not with others. Conquering the beast inside of you makes your passions and desires refined and more conscious. Now you can see clearly what drives you and your ambition, which wasn't that clear in The Chariot phase. If you wonder will there be a visible manifestation of your great success, be sure that it will naturally come. The only difference is that your purpose is now clear to you and that the visible and outer success is really the result of the inner process and not vice versa. Facing and taming your inner demons is the main theme of this year for you.

The Hermit

This is the year of introspection for you. Don't be afraid that you will feel lonely and abandoned. Even contrary, you will be the one who will seek and enjoy solitude. It also doesn't mean that you will spend the whole time as a monk and ascetic. It just means that you will have quality time with yourself which will lead you to very unique and valuable insights. You will be your own guide to the higher self and the universal truth. This is the time for investigation, though this is one of those 'introvert' cards in the deck. So you will investigate yourself, your motives and your life and not won't mind others. The motto of this card is "Know thyself". When you master it, everything else is an open book for you to read. β€œTo know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” ― Socrates.

The Wheel of Fortune

It is time for you to get into motion. The Wheel keeps turning since the begging of the time. This year you are on the wheel, connected more than ever with universal flows and cycles. This is the time when you learn and closely experience what it means to be the part of one enormously big mechanism. You will become aware that every part of this mechanism is equally important, no matter how big or small it is. Accepting it puts you into the flow. In this time, the phrase "go with the flow" makes sense, and you can benefit following this motto. Accept the destiny, things are going to change with or without your approval. The less you resist, the greater is the change in your favor.

The Justice

This year may face you with the karma more than any other. You may experience the low of the karma even on a daily level. It is challenging because things may swing from one extreme to another, as well as your overall mood and experience. But those swings are necessary for you in order to acknowledge your balance and boundaries unique to you. The Justice is challenging because it may push you too much and too hard, in any sphere of life, just to put on test your limits. As you can see, it is anything except a peaceful life. The Justice may act through other people or trough situations. They have in common to act against your will and to test your personal power and boundaries. Remember, The Justice is opposite to The Emperor. While The Emperor is the sovereign and his word and act are the law, The Justice is the force and the law opposed to him. In short, The Justice limits and divides one's power. So there is a conflict, which if handled well, brings harmony and equality. On the other hand, you may also be the one who will oppose and resist challenges and limitations others try to put in front of you, in order to attain your justice. One of the key words here is "others" because it is often about relations between you and them. You are their karma and they are your karma. While The Strenght made you face inner beasts, The Hermit to got to know yourself, The Wheel - to go with the flow and it felt fine, The Justice will possibly make an arrangement for you to face the Nemesis. Don't be surprised if you find yourself wishing revenge and retribution in order to avenge your justice, even if you are not a quite vindictive personality.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man brings a very clear message about sacrifice. Some sacrifices are necessary for the sake of peace and a better future. This is about willful sacrifice and acceptance of one's fate. This card has very passive energy, there is no motion here, so whatever is put in front of you, the only thing you can do is to accept it. It may sound contradictory but whatever is accepted as it is, it is one step from being released and accomplished. Take your time and gather your strengths because this is not an overnight process. You may have more than one issue this year which fits this scenery but probably the one or two will be dominant and most challenging. This card is about giving yourself fully into something - whether it is a job, relationship, studies or whatever, but it is also about to know where and when to stop and reflect. It also brings a certain kind of limitations but these are not your limits, these are outer limits. Knowing and accepting them could be of vital importance. The point is not to torture yourself and push too hard if simply there are so many influences which are against you. This is the time to pull back and observe. The benefit from this is that you will become wiser, more intuitive and receptive than before. The phrase here is 'deeper level of understanding'.


The motto of this year is transformation. If you are about to reinvent yourself, this is the time! Be aware that this card is all about a life-changing experience. You may not exactly know what happened to you and what makes you feel that strong urge to change something on the very deep and personal level. This is because this process started long before, there was a cumulative effect. At this point accumulated experience reaches the critical point where there is no turning back. You are ready for change and it comes naturally to you. More than ever there is a need for cutting cords in any sense. In this time focus is on the present moment and releasing the past. It still does not include specific vision and plans regarding the future. So you may find yourself wanting something new, something different than before but not exactly this or that, just different. As a result, in try to formulate what is that what you want, you can easily get into a frame of the opposites. The easiest way to define different is to go toward that what is exactly opposite of what you used to do in the past. Be sure that you will not suddenly become someone else. You are you, but since now your 'You' is different. You are becoming exactly what you are, what you can be and what you should be. All the time those called new features were already in you, they just were not awake. Cutting cords also may be related to certain people in your life. Don't be surprised if you suddenly realize that some people were toxic to you all that time. So now, when you get to know and feel it, you want to leave them behind and end or minimize contact with them. It is important not to blame yourself for doing that. It's not the matter of your loyalty or empathy, it's the matter of the fact that those relationships became shallow and artificial for you. The key phrase here is 'Embrace the unknown and your new skin'.


After the life-changing experience that occurred previous year now is the time to reintegrate new-adopted attitudes within oneself. If there was a need to become everything opposite of that what you were before, Temperance is there to make an adjustment. It is about the assimilation of the opposite influences, needs and urges into one constructive and effective wholeness. The temperance speaks about the 'right dose' of everything. Everything is allowed, nothing is forbidden until there is a moderation. Even a poison in appropriate small dose is a cure. This card has very calm and soothing energy in its essence, but it also brings out on the surface all those issues which require healing of some sort. Dealing with those issues you may find a challenge. Temperance teaches about balance, but it's not just a balance such equal parts of two different things. The balance here is about finding the right dose of something which fits exactly you. It is like preparing a tea of many different herbs or making a cake. You will not just put all of the ingredients at random, but follow the instruction about the quantity, the time, what comes first and so. So the year of Temperance will require patience from you. At the same time, you will have the great opportunity to deal with issues which need some sort of work and healing. Your main task, which is actually your duty toward yourself, is to find the right measure for you to reach your optimal state of body, mind and spirit.

The Devil

This is a time of experiencing the boundaries. The limitations may come from many sides and they may not be so obvious. The Devil always has something to offer you, but any offer has its price. This year could be very successful and productive for you. You may get and achieve whatever you want. But always remember that this comes at a price you will have to pay. And that is where the boundaries lay. The price may come in terms of your money, time, effort or emotional involvement. The more you want something, it may seem harder to get it, which is the most frustrating part here. And when we want something that badly and obsessively, we are ready to pay the highest prices. But, the fact that you want something really badly doesn't always mean that you really need it and that it serves your highest good. Beware of tempting offers which seem to be too good to be true. Remember, the Devil is in the details. This is the time of facing inner demons. What are your desires?

The Tower

The Tower is there to shake and wake you up. There are two ways to observe The Tower, and both are extreme. This experience may be extremely positive or extremely negative, sometimes both. The Tower brakes limitations of The Devil or comes as the ultimate price that you can't avoid any longer. The Tower is often seen as a forced change. Indeed, it is very active and eruptive card and represents such events. You might be forced to change your lifestyle to 180 degrees. It might be quite frustrating at the moment, but soon you might realize that it was actually a positive change which you would never choose to take if you were asked to. When all crisis settle down, you finally feel free and released. In the year of The Tower, inner and outer changes are often hand in hand and one effect the other. This is such a turning point in life. When one door closes, the other opens. This time you will be charged enough to grab this new life of yours without hesitation. The lightning above the tower on the image often represents new revolutionary ideas and energy charge. You might have an experience of enlightenment.

The Star

The peaceful and calming energy of The Star comes as a refreshment after The Tower year. The sky is clean and bright again. The Star reminds you of optimism, hope and faith. It is the light at the end of a tunnel. Everything is going to be alright and there is always an opportunity. This year might not be very active for you in a classical sense. The Star represents wishes, higher and subtle intelligence. It is not a card of practical manifestations and achievements. The Star simply calls you to be who you really are, to follow your star and discover your divine nature. Allow yourself to dream and your imagination to flow. The motto of the star is that everything flows. You might experience the connection with the universe more than ever and to acknowledge that the source of inspiration is within you.

The Moon

The Moon is a kind of dark card. It represents deception and illusion. This year, you may become more sensitive to those traits, whether they come from the inside or outside. You may experience more sensitivity regarding your environment and especially to be more sensitive to negativities in general. The Moon tarot card is related to the 'dark night of the soul'. You may face your buried fears, traumas, complexes, insecurities or anything else that makes you feel weak. Facing inner demons and what is holding you back is the key process of The Moon year. Don't be surprised if you suddenly start feeling that ghosts from the past are hunting you. It may re-evoke the memories of The Hanged Man, Death, The Devil and The Tower years. for some reason, those cards go hand in hand with each other. With The Moon, you are getting in touch with your subconsciousness and your shadow self. Don't forget that the Shadow was already present. This is not something that suddenly comes to become and exist. But, it can suddenly become more tangible during The Moon year. The weak light of The Moon makes the Shadow appear more alive and honestly more wicked. Knowing that you are a sort of prepared to face it with the sanity. The positive trait here is that you are given a chance to acknowledge your illusions regarding yourself, others and the world. At the end of the process, this experience will be awakening and creepy shadows will fade away.

The Sun

The Sun is calling you to get out of your cocoon and to shine your light to the world. This should be a very positive and successful year for you on every level of your life. The Sun year announce a new beginning, like a new day after long night. You will probably experience that your energy level is rising as well as your optimism. The same things you will perceive in a new light, but clearer than before. The Sun brings clarity, vision and reason. It makes you feel that almost nothing is impossible and that you have what it takes. If you add up digits of the number XIX, which is the number of The Sun, you get X and I. Clearly, The Sun relates to Wheel of Fortune of The Magician. Both of them are the cards of the new beginnings, getting into motion and acting. The Sun incorporates the qualities of both cards, plus has its own qualities. What better can you have? The Sun also calls you to be generous towards yourself and others, to express yourself freely and authentically. This is a very important time in life for everyone because it represents the introduction for something bigger, which will take a place in the next two years.


The glorious Judgement is the card of final resolution. The clarity you achieved in the past year or The Sun, is put now into practice. The Judgement calls you to bring the decision and your own judgment. To be the judge yourself. This is all about you and your freedom, your higher purpose and higher call. To become the perfect judge, you must be free of prejudices, unclear influences and be impartial. This is the stage where you are truly about wake up and to become who you really are. The Judgement speaks of the soul's immortality and that only true urge is the urge of your soul and spirit. This is all about releasing the baggage from the past and everything that has ever made you stuck and limited. You are now able and free to create your own universe based on your terms because you now have the wisdom to see through the veil of illusions. The Judgement is also a new starting point because it is all about the rebirth. It is like that you are given a second chance of making things right and for the highest good.

The World

The World is about completion. At the same time, this is the last and the first stage. You have finished the great and hard work and now you can enjoy the fruition. With wisdom and maturity you have gained through the whole process of personal inner and outer transformation, you are now ready to create your own kingdom on the earth. The spiritual awakening from the previous phase is now about to enrich your physical and material reality.

0 or 22?

What about The Fool? The stage of The Fool was the time before you were born into this world. There is no exact stage of The Fool during one's lifetime, yet we all remain the Fools, less or more, the whole time. Is quite like a personal choice, yet we all get some portion of foolishness.