Ace of Pentacles

Meaning of Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles represents new begging at the plane of material and mundane. It is new born idea in sphere tangible and practical which is pointed in direction of final grounded materialization in "here" and "now". As you already know, Pentacles are very material and refer to very three dimensional realization of desired result. So they are not significant only in the narrower meaning sphere of material, such as money, wealth and material possession, but farther more. They may round off any sphere of life by bringing realization into reality of here and now. Though, it requires some time. Pentacles are the slowest of four suits as they are related to earth element and matter. Beside that they are slow in realization, they also promise stable lasting in time and long term realization.

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Two of Pentacles

Meaning of Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles is herald of changes, although these changes aren't like those which Wheel of Fortune brings. Here it is about changes which pop up in the moment, interrupt temporal state and require more or less activity. The proper example would be if you are already in work and the phone start ringing. Someone is calling you to ask you for something for you to do or to tell you that some plan has been changed. It interrupted your activity and involved you into consideration of this new event. Actually, it doesn't need to be any big change of your plans and schedule, but it is one more thing you should add to your schedule and keep it in your mind. It's one more thing you have to deal with, find a time for it, think over it and fit into your daily schedule. These are all those events and issues which crop up on the road. And they could be really small things and easy to do, it's not the problem, but the problem is if they just start popping up. Well it could turn all your day and your plans and bring need to change your schedule and adapt on the fly.

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Three of Pentacles

Meaning of Three of Pentacles

Three of pentacles is very happy card for all issues, not only about material and job goals. It gives well directed energy to accomplishment and development for any life sphere. Here is a word of grounding and stability pacing with high energy potential and driving force. There is no dispersion of energy but its accumulation and aiming to higher purpose and goals. Goals are well defined and work is organized. I like to say that Three of Pentacles is both - properly designed form filled with quality content.

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Four of Pentacles

Meaning of Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles talks about tough structure. On a personal level this could be mentally, emotional or physical, in a few words hard structure of character. Law, order and discipline are highly appreciated. This is a possession gained by hard work, sedulity and frugality. Very often with this card frugality turns into stinginess.

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Five of Pentacles

Meaning of Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles primary represents different kinds of deprivation. At the first place and as very obvious meaning of this card, comes financial loss or loss of goods. This is very literal expression especially if we consider image of Five of Pentacles from White-Smith deck.

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Six of Pentacles

Meaning of Six of Pentacles

Sixes are all about restoring balance and harmony after they were distracted as represented by Fives. As you could notice, all four Fives represent first decans of fixed signs which come after third decans of cardinal signs. Fixed signs are about stability and grounding and they, in general, share mostly earthly qualities. Sixes represent second decans of fixed signs which is like the heart of fixed signs. Second decans are related to fixed characteristics which is in favor of that Sixes are hearts of the matters of fixed signs. Trough Sixes, fixed signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, find their best and the most positive expression. And, beside that, each of Sixes represents the deepest needs and the highest goals of appropriate sign they are related to.

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Seven of Pentacles

Meaning of Seven of Pentacles

This is a time to step out and take a look behind. Seven of Pentacles represents transitional stage of anything, whether it is job, project, relationship or any single process inside of major ongoing procedure. This transitional phase is important because farther achievements are in close relation with previous ones. This is a stage of bringing decision to give up or keep up the certain direction, considering circumstances and putting into relation causes and consequence, past and future. Paying a price or earning a gain is the main theme of Seven of Pentacles.

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Eight of Pentacles

Meaning of Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is a card of constant and dedicated work. Concentration is put on at work itself, not to the shortcuts. It represent the will for learning something new and more. The word is here about perfecting of skills and crafts which this card relates to apprenticeship. The knowledge is low at the start but trough persistent work and consistency it become greater, till it riches perfection.

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Knight of Pentacles

Meaning of Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles, belongs to Court card family of Pentacles. As a Court card, it should be observed as a certain person, namely personal significator, type of personality, event, our personal relation to certain situation(or how we relate to certain situation), our acting in specific role or role we take on in specific event, part of our character along with others description in accordance to spread and question.

As a Knight, he usually represents younger adult, older teen or astatic person. Specifically it refers to male persons but not exclusively. Knights are, in some way, unstable in comparison to their older kins - Kings and Queens. They usually have changeable nature, so me and group of other readers relate them to mutable zodiac signs.

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Queen of Pentacles

Meaning of Queen of Pentacles

Please don't fall into the trap and confuse or mix features of The Empress and Queen of Pentacles. Queen of Pentacles is not The Empress and never will be. Indeed, they two have some features in common such earth type, mother type, nurturant, paying attention to luxury and well being, taking care about physical matters such health, food and body but the story about their common attributes ends here. All four of Queens are one step below The Empress so is Queen of Pentacles. The Empress actually unites features of the four Queens and is the female archetype, so every Queen is just one of Empress's manifestation and includes just one group of her features. And Queen of Pentacles is the manifestation of features mentioned above.

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