Meaning of Temperance

Major Arcana Temperance is the middle ground of qualitatively opposite virtues. They may not be directly conflicted - they are just different, such fire and water, sky and earth. The one of the alternative names for this card is The Art. This is the Art of balancing and handling the opposite streams and energy qualities. For this reason this card refers to the Art of Alchemy, the ability to solve and combine, to turn something plain and common into something precious and noble.

Temperance, like art or any other skill, should be practiced to rich its perfection. Whereas the perfection and beauty is in movement and spontaneity, not passivity and tenseness. This is the fine balance between extremes - overactivity, rawness and force on the one hand and inactivity, fragility, numbness and surrendering on the other hand. Solve et coagula - dissolve and combine is the motto of Temperance.

You may choose to use this card for meditation to connect to your inner guide or your guardian angel. Considering that Temperance has a lot to do with healing you can meditate on this card, conditionally speaking, to "heal" yourself - liberate yourself from complexes, traumatic experiences, to rise awareness of your sexuality, gain freedom of expression, even to ease temporary physical pain. At the end, visualizing this image may improve your natural healing and psychic abilities.