Page of Swords

Meaning of Page of Swords

Page of Swords likes to play games, especially mind games of all kinds. Curiosity is very conspicuous even if the one tends to hide it. This person is quite talkative but also knows to be very good listener, as listening is a one way of observing others and world around. Perception is very highly developed, though it doesn't prevent this Genius from wrong conclusions and distorted interpretation.

Actions and decisions are cunning and very well thought-out, yet they may seem half-cocked. The reason for that lays in the phenomenon that this Page is rational in his own unique way. The absurd is that huge amount of rationality may become totally irrational. There is tendency to overthink everything into smallest details looking for hidden patterns till the big picture is put together. There is no doubt that Page of Sword has excellent perception, but he just tends to put aside his receptiveness. Here, mind and ratio have the first and the last word... and all of the words in between. In order to be mentally awake and keep clarity of the mind, this Page may often seem completely emotionally detached and autistic. Actually, this inner child tends to protect its weak points by showing the world how clever and cunning it is. The bad news is that where is overthinking there is a fertile ground for anxiety too. If anxiety takes a part, Page of Swords is becoming indecisive, irresponsible and prone to procrastination and delaying. There are too much things to think about, while thinking about one there is always next emerging and thousands of "what ifs". And it could be quite overwhelming.

Page of Swords usually depicts certain person in reading. The person represented by this page could be child - young and immature literally or be an adult with childish attitude. Immaturity is often seen here through mentality. If it's about a child, this kid is very intelligent and usually mentally advanced compared with his coevals. But, if Page of Swords comes out as significator of an adult, this person is intelligent and quick-minded but somehow lacks a wisdom and maturity.

If you get Page of Swords in daily draw, maybe you should take into consideration where and on what you spread mental energy. What awakes your curiosity? Is there anything you are overthinking? Are you obsessive to know more about something or someone so you investigate and dig deeper and deeper for clues? Page of Swords is very well known as a spy in Tarot world. Today, in a world of social medias and networks spying someone seems easier than ever! Have you caught yourself patrolling someone's profile in order to gain more and more information about that person? Is it just curiosity or it tends to grow into something more serious? If so it's on you to distinguish and resolve with yourself.

Page of Swords suggests you to recollect your mental energy you spread around. To calm down and try to observe your thoughts detached from them, without clinging to the first one that crosses your mind. Then, you will come to conclusions and answers you seek naturally.