Eight of Swords

Meanign of Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords is an interesting and obviously unwelcome card. The point is that its influence is mostly based on our personal impressions and subjective views. Surely, it is quite enough to mess up the strings so I mean interesting in a mean way.

This card usually represents narrow field of action. Inner feeling of limitation makes things even worse. Actually, the things are not quite as they look like. As it's already mentioned, it is more about the feeling of limitation and being trapped.

Eight of Sword co-relates with Jupiter in Gemini, with Jupiter as ruler of the first decan of Gemini. Basically the sign of Gemini is the sign of Jupiter detriment. Jupiter, as planet of expansion and higher mind, loosing his primary quality when is in detriment sign. This is where limitations are coming from. Expansive Jupiter is like tiger trapped in cage here. The outcome is blocked intuition due fears and hard fatalistic thoughts. The person can't see the forest because of trees.

This card refers to interference from more than one side. Regularly, one's mind confusion often comes as product of interfering of others into his affairs. Lack of resistance, due already existing negative balance or too many obligations, make person even more susceptible to others influences and their tendencies to impose their projections on her. So here we come to vicious circle. For the main actor in this role it's looks almost impossible to step out from this private hell party. Feeling blind he just knows that something is going completely wrong but can't see the way out. This state of mind may lead farther to isolation and avoiding any outer contact. To those, who are involved into psychology, this phenomena is known as one of indicators of anxiety and depression. Indeed, eight of swords refers to vicious circle of anxious and depressive state. From this point of view, intervention of professional and qualified person, doesn't sound as bad idea.

Finally, appearance of this card in reading, suggests that you might feel as a victim of circumstance or collateral damage derived as side effect of other's deeds. Seems that everything what is happening around you effects you even if you don't have anything with that. But, pay attention on the next - why would anything effect you if you have nothing personal with that? If it seems that you are involved into something you don't want to be involved you may refuse to participate.

Eight of Swords lead to questions: Do you feel trapped and why? Are you the one who restrains your own self? Is there something out of your control that has impact on your life? Which is the way out of that situation? Are some people poured in your life and what made you obligated to tolerate them? Is it easier to thole and play a victim than to take responsibility for your actions?

There is a way out, at first you need to take off blindfold to be able to see the forest and then tie off your hand metaphorically to be able to take your matters into your own hands. At the other hand, state of isolation may bring some worthy insight and closed eyes symbolically refers to opening of inner eye of truth. Doubtless, experience of walking in "Eight of Sword" shoes may make you so much wiser than before, just make sure not to take too long.