Two of Pentacles

Meaning of Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles is herald of changes, although these changes aren't like those which Wheel of Fortune brings. Here it is about changes which pop up in the moment, interrupt temporal state and require more or less activity. The proper example would be if you are already in work and the phone start ringing. Someone is calling you to ask you for something for you to do or to tell you that some plan has been changed. It interrupted your activity and involved you into consideration of this new event. Actually, it doesn't need to be any big change of your plans and schedule, but it is one more thing you should add to your schedule and keep it in your mind. It's one more thing you have to deal with, find a time for it, think over it and fit into your daily schedule. These are all those events and issues which crop up on the road. And they could be really small things and easy to do, it's not the problem, but the problem is if they just start popping up. Well it could turn all your day and your plans and bring need to change your schedule and adapt on the fly.

So, I mentioned changes, but what about fluctuation, balance and imbalance? Everything that pops up unplanned and unexpected, no matter how it seems to be little and piece of cake for to do, will simply disrupt established balance. Any fluctuation and change require some accommodation and accepting to go with flow. The trick is how not to get lost in many different and opposite drifts and currents when they take a part. Keeping the course and yet going with the flow and accepting changes is real art of balance between various influences. Every change no matter how minor it is, affects the established balance and order and ruffles the peace. It requires some time for adapting and accommodation and that is the transition period mentioned above, between the first impact of change and its consolidation with general trends. So everything that comes in addition disturbs the existing wholeness and brings imbalance at first, then transition period takes its part till all elements are handled well again and finally the balance and harmony are being restored.

These are all normal processes we deal with everyday and almost every moment. They are there to keep us moving and not to fall in lethargy. Yet, Two of Pentacles isn't about only move and change, it's about the balance between two opposite states and principles. Balance isn't just peace and inactivity, finding middle ground between activity and passivity, going forward and get back when it's needed, having appropriate reaction to previous action - that is the balance. It is the sustainable principle of dynamic balance on which everything si based in visible and invisible universe and nature. It is endless flux of high and low tide. Without that everything would be become frozen and canned in time and place without initial spark of energy. Even worse everything would become condemned to corrosion, rotting and dying. Two of Pentacles could be seen as principle of entropy, while entropy in general is permanent tendency of any system to spontaneously move from the state of higher orderliness to the state of lower orderliness. All spontaneous processes play out in direction of increasing entropy - decreasing of orderliness. Entropy is the measure of system disorder. Entropy is decreasing on account of invested work, energy and effort. In order to produce necessary energy to perform certain work or effort, it is necessary to increase entropy in some other part of system or place. Producing necessary energy for performing work or effort pulls with itself increasing of entropy in other part of system. The final sum of everything is general increase of entropy in world. So everything that exists is in endless process of transiting from the state of order to the state of chaos and vice versa. Reversing processes of entropy, restoring and keeping order, requires energy, work and effort. This is an endless fluctuation of ups, downs and transitions.

All four Twos are dealing with ambivalence and duality but at different levels. And Two of Pentacles is dealing with them at physical, materialistic and practical level. It synthesizes opposites together to split them and splits them to merge them again. This is also a card of action and reaction.

Astrologically, Two of Pentacles belongs to the first decan of the zodiac sign Capricorn. Planet Jupiter is the ruler of the first Capricorn's decan while Saturn is ruler of the sign. Jupiter in Capricorn is generally in its fall. In the Capricorn, which is the sign under Saturn's rulership, which the sign of order, strict form, firm foundation, irreversibility, discipline, traditionality, low, limitations and restriction, expansive and optimistic Jupiter doesn't feel like at home. So there is constant conflict here between compression and expansion. The one strives to grow and expand while the other puts boarders and limitations. Inside that endless process of compression and expansion the changes are born. Expansive tendency of Jupiter brings changes and undermines order and striving of predictability of the other one. It may be brought out compromise or conflict, unity or separation. As Saturn hold everything together there is no escapes, so what is separated will be held together again.

As the card of the day, Two of Pentacles may signal you may be required to do some multitasking or more than planed issues. Unpredictable things will just pop up and you will have to deal with them and try not to forget the other tasks while you solving new ones. You may expect some conversation or message where you'll be told about some change or one more thing which needs to be done. You may find yourself being in hurry to fulfill all your duties and even various needs of others. It may seem that everyone that day expect something from you. On the other side, you have all chances to handle all of that if you keep moving and remain calm. Don't confuse that with rushing anywhere, here is all about balance, moderation, juggling and circulating. Execution in circular motions could be helpful, doing a little of this, a little of that, and in next cycle a bit more of all of that. This may face you with part of you which is organized and able to handle more things at once. At the end you should be proud of you organizational and juggling skills when you see all tasks are done, or at least good amount of them, and people around you are satisfied because you committed them your time and done your duties toward them. It could be an interesting and dynamic day as much as productive, so use it up the best way you can. Just keep moving in moderate pace. If you stand for a while you may lose the strings and drop some elements. If you rush into events and issues you could become drained, stressed and deadbeat. It would be ideal to make a plan and write it down, add new tasks and cross off those what is done.

You can use Two of Pentacles as meditation card if you find it hard to handle more issues at once, also if you have a hard time when unexpected changes start popping up from the blue sky. It may awake, encourage or strengthen these natural abilities we all posses in a certain amount.

Have a good juggling, keep moving and keep the pace!