Four of Wands

Meaning of Four of Wands

Today is a party time, celebration after finishing the job. This is a happy card which promises satisfaction. It is the great time to gather your friend and dear people and spend some time with them, or going out at the party. The four of wands speaks about passage, arrival or farewell. Those who arrive are welcome and those who leave are affectionately sent off. The Pleasant and lovely atmosphere, also a great time for sensual moments. You could choose to spend this time alone devoted to yourself, your beauty and relaxing. Related to Venus in Aries this card suggest beautiness of body, attractive and modern look, sexy styling, provocative behavior(or appearance), self-confidence and optimism in flirting. But, as all fours, four of wands brings the possibility of an overstatement and overdrive in such things so take care not to cross boundaries of good taste.