Ace of Cups

Meaning of Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups is related to the water element and represents water element in its pure form. It is the source. The source of the water and everything which relates to this particular element. This is the beginning and the unity. Ace of Cups includes the meanings of all cups cards, each of them because of all of them came from the same source. The essence of the Cups suit is contained in this Ace. The rest of the cards are the modalities of the essence - specific expressions and stages of development.

The character of Ace of Cups is formative and nurturing. It supports development. If Ace of Pentacles represents materialization and embodiment, then Ace of Cups represents the phase before it. Anything that was meant to be contained, collected and developed to make birth possible is in this cup. Whether it was a birth of living being or anything else.

If you look at the picture for Ace of Cups you cant's miss to notice that the cup is wider and opened in the upper part. It suggests being open to receive, to gather and collect so that content can be spread further. The white dove above the cup represents divine influence. So, the Ace of Cups relates to intuition, inspiration and spiritual experience. Blessing, attunement, any kind of initiation or providence, are the influences of the white dove. The Cup suggests to connect and get in tune with the divine. Five streams which come out of the cup are the creative force which must find its way out into the world serving the purpose of spreading the divine influence. The cup is a vessel and channel serving to provide the content.

In readings, Ace of Cups is often associated with new emotional experiences such falling in love or getting into a relationship. While the Ace is the very beginning, before any kind of manifestation, it is rather likely that this card announces that the time is right to become open to new possibilities and opportunities, to trust your intuition and go with the flow. However, falling in love and relationships are in the domain of Two of Cups. Ace of Cups is more personal, it is about you and you being in tune with your own emotions and feelings, as well as being able to receive and spread your gifts, talents, inspiration, creativity, love. It is the ability to share with the world still not sharing itself. Ace of Cups is the creative and nurturing force which exist but it is still not directed to the certain object.

Another common association of Ace of Cups is pregnancy and fertility. When it comes to it, Ace of Cups in reading is always a good sign. Especially if surrounded by positive cards which support this idea. Ace of Cups and Ace of Wands together suggest fertility and conception. They usually refer to the possibility of conception or very early stages of pregnancy. Ace of Cups and The Star is another strong indicator of pregnancy. As well as Ace of Cups with The Empress or all three cards in combination. While Ace of Cups and Ace of Pentacles suggest childbirth. One or more Pages along with Ace of Cups is also very favorable combination when it is about pregnancy and giving a birth, especially if there are one or more other cards related to fertility.

Ace of Cups is not particularly related to any zodiac sign or planet in astrology. It to with water element and its essence. The season associated with Ace of Cups is summer starting at 0 degrees of Cancer sign.