The Magician

Meaning of The Magician

The Magician is Major Arcana number one. Number One symbolizes unity, the beginning, the will, mastering, the leader, initiator, the one who is in charge, the achiever. Those attributions are quite masculine and solar and represent an active principle.

The Magician is the master of the four elements. He mastered them through the fifth element. The fifth element is called spirit, akasha, ether or other, but in essence, those names all refer to the same thing.

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Personal Card Of The Year, Part II

Looking to Year to Come

When you choose your method of calculating you Personal Card Of The Year or use them all, it's time to get to know what your cards have to tell you for this year.

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Tarot cards health meaning - Pt. 1 Major Arcanas

Jar of Honey

What follows is series of articles related to medical questions in tarot readings. It is meant to be the review of all 78 Tarot cards meanings through in light of medical and health-related issues. Keep in mind that this list could be wider or shorter than it is. This is what I find appropriate to mention and give a hint. It includes a lot of examples from real readings for real persons who gave a feedback information. This is the first and main reason why I found it valuable to sort it out in these lists. Every article from this group is related to the specific group of cards: Major Arcanas, Swords suit, Wands suit, Cups suit and Pentacles suit. The deck what I currently use is the standard Waite-Smith deck, best known as Rider-Waite deck and health-related meanings of cards are based on that deck. I believe that those meanings could be appropriate for the vast majority of new and modern decks based on original RW deck. Yet, every deck has it's specifics, thus bigger or lesser variations of meanings. So, my suggestion for you is that if you decide to use those meanings use them for standard RW deck and its very alike variations.

This article, which is also the first from this group, is dedicated to Major Arcana and what they refer to if the question is health/illness related. You will notice that different terms are used for some cards. It is because of their essential nature. Some of them speak about health, some speak about illnesses and conditions, and some about bigger or lesser disorders. Some of them also refer to specific persons as professionals. as well as about the way of medical approach.

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