Ten of Cups

Meaning of Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups is one of the most happiest cards. It increases effect of positive cards and eases effect of negative ones. This is the highest degree of emotional fulfillment and happiness. Thus, Ten of Cups is the final phase and complete realization in the sphere of Cups. It is an encircled wholeness after which begins the new one.

Third decan of Pisces is attached to Ten of Cups which is ruled by planet Mars. Pisces is water sign of idealism, fantasy and dream world. Positive side of Pisces is their capacity for unconditional love, amazing ability of compassion and their faith. While Mars is planet of energy, action, passion and fight. In Ten of Cups, Mars applies all his energy and drive to achieve Pisces'es ideals and make the dreams come true.

As a daily card, Ten of Cups, refers to exaltation of satisfaction. Comfort and stability are achieved and finally it is a time to enjoy the sweet fruits of devotion to your ideals and idyllic views and expectations. It may also refer to family meeting or celebration. The cups, as a symbol of fertility and abundance promise success in any sphere of life and satisfaction trough achievement. Intuition is also on a higher level than ordinary so open yourself and listen to it.

Ten of Cups, used as meditation card, connects you to your romantic and idealistic side. Meditating on this card brings feeling of inner completion and fulfillment along with kindness and generosity. What is your biggest dream? What does make you feel satiated and satisfying? Imagine yourself in a situation where you have all that you ever wanted and dreamed about. Which wishes are real and last trough the time? Which were temporal and which were just illusory. Try to split off the real ones which would really make you satisfied of those illusory. Use you imagination to get in touch with them the most realistic as you can. Imagination makes us closer to our goals and wished results. At the begging, just the feeling that it is all possible brings serenity and bliss.

This is also a spiritual card so it refers that final emotional satisfaction could be found trough universal and unconditional love, knowing that we are all one.