Four of Pentacles

Meaning of Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles talks about tough structure. On a personal level this could be mentally, emotional or physical, in a few words hard structure of character. Law, order and discipline are highly appreciated. This is a possession gained by hard work, sedulity and frugality. Very often with this card frugality turns into stinginess.

When we talk about the stinginess, we all know that it doesn't necessary mean material stinginess. However it could be emotional thrift, narrow-mindedness and clinch to personal views. No will for sharing ideas but there is a tendency for imposing personal will and attitude. If you ask why, the answer would be "Because I posses might and power in my hands and I can. I could be hard headed, I even could blackmail you in any way to do what I want and how I want". That kind of stinginess may also have physical manifestation such compressing your own body.

Four of Pentacles, Four of Discs, is titled as Fortress in Thoth Tarot, which also give a reference to something steady, structured and certainly well protected. The fort is protected by army, tall and massive walls, towers for archers and so on. But, protected of whom and why? If the fort's walls are so solid why does it need army, archers and guard? Protection presumes defense. Think about it how you protect and defend yourself in every-day matters. Which way do you do that and why? From whom or what you seek protection? How did you get defensive attitude? Is this necessary? Do the tight walls of ego and external personality actually defend inner fragile being? Which part of yourself is most guarded - your body, your principles and ideas, your ideals or your emotions? Are you protecting you from yourself?

This card is also about possessing and being possessive. What do you think you possess? Is it your material goods gained by your effort and hard work, your inheritance or maybe your family and loved ones? Have on mind that you may be possessive toward people but you don't posses them, unless you persuade them in contrary.

No matter how much walls are strong they have their lasting in time. Saturn, the God of time, ruler of Capricorn, warns that everything is susceptible to time per se, has it expiration date, and is under heavy influence of zeitgeist. Rigid forms are hard to adapt because they lack flexibility and fluidity.

On the other hand, standing in your fort for a while may make you well defended, but in exchange for new experiences and lack of knowledge what is going on out there.

Four of Pentacles leads you questions: Which is that what you hold so tight and why are you afraid to loose? Do you keep yourself on tight bridle? Are you restrictive and rigid? How do you relate to material goods. Are you over possessive? Task of this card is to find a middle ground between defensive attitude and openness, between "Me and Mine" and "others", firmness and flexibility. Stable form is welcome but rigidness is not. Think over the phrase "healthy ego" and where do you set border between you and others.

Will be continued soon, together with others Fours. Selflessly from me to you for today!