Three of Pentacles

Meaning of Three of Pentacles

Three of pentacles is very happy card for all issues, not only about material and job goals. It gives well directed energy to accomplishment and development for any life sphere. Here is a word of grounding and stability pacing with high energy potential and driving force. There is no dispersion of energy but its accumulation and aiming to higher purpose and goals. Goals are well defined and work is organized. I like to say that Three of Pentacles is both - properly designed form filled with quality content.

Here you may find a mix of tradition and modern. Both traditional and modern concepts are welcome if they serve a purpose. Originality is present but not in twisted and freaky form. Nothing is so eccentric, rather is classical. This card refer to uniform and steady progress.

Three of pentacles is related to second decan of Capricorn ruled by Mars. Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn and the highest level of exaltation is 28th degree, rising from zero degree. This would be the best position for Mars due that grounded and organized Capricorn channels hasty and eruptive energy of Mars. Mars here doesn't waste his energy for fight which purpose is in itself, but rather to add to constructive ideas and persistent work. So people described by this card are hard working, industrious, persistent, stable in their activities, reliable, good leaders and organizers, chiefs, team workers and possess great physical and psychical strength. They are not hot-tempered but they are always willed to cope with any problem. Their will power is stunning!

This card as a daily card suggests you to implement some of those qualities or strengthen them. Raise them and they will serve you well. Even your Mars is not in Capricorn this card may help you adopting these powerful abilities.