Seven of Cups

Meaning of Seven of Cups

Venus in Scorpio is lustful, thirsty for any kind of sensation - visual, sensual, emotional. Dependent on impressions she consumes everything in order to get inspired. More inspiration and sensation she picks up, she is more alive. If it lacks sensation, she is getting depressed, in bad mood and unsatisfied. So she runs to any content just to see will it awake her passions. If content touches her she could be the most pleasant, beautiful and charming being, full of wonderful ideas and very optimistic. But if doesn't not she is nearly completely desperate. In that effort to fulfill the thirst she is addicted to, she easily might slide to cheap entertainment, selfish self-indulgence and debauch - which is the title for Seven of Cups in Thoth Tarot. The other side is where this natural charming beauty, susceptible to fantasy and illusions, becomes the Queen of delusion with wide range of tricks to seduce and involve others to her poisoned spider web.

Seven of Cups is like two-way street. Charm or be charmed, make illusions or be trapped into them, seduce or be seduced, or both all together. Over and over again the game is the same but with different subjects in a role. Finally you may find yourself confused whose game is it, yours or anyone else.

Hesitancy comes out due to many choices in front of you. And all of them are so eye catching... While you are like a child in toyshop. But don't forget, you're not a child and some toys could be dangerous, others are fully just. At least, everything has it's price so think well how much you are willing to pay. Don't be surprised if you payed a lot for the toy which already got you bored.

Another Seven of Cups issue is: as things are getting boring easily it make an impression that always someone else has something better and more than you. No matter what is it - fun, clothes, job, partner, more love and attention and so on.

It easily may lead you to frustration that you don't do something properly, that you are not worthy enough or that others don't value you and your efforts enough. It could bear a tendency of trying to please everyone anytime and accepting something what you don't really want. But nobody will be always satisfied, not because of you but because of them. And you are not a charity. You are not suspected to comply unless it was your own choice for your own reasons. Another question should be what are your reasons? Are they selfish? Did they come out from desperation? Or maybe feeling of dependence?

Jealousy is another theme connected to previous. Jealousy toward others who always get something better and more which makes bitter taste that you don't get all what you deserve. It triggers off competitive and assertive behavior just to prove yourself that you can do more and better. And finally you succeed, but surprise, sweet taste of victory and satisfaction don't last enough. There will always be something or someone next to be conquered.

The point of this card, for today, is choice. Everything is about it. You may choose one of many attractive options. You may choose all of them but how to handle them all together? Choose to day dream or to make dreams come true. Choice to be in front or stay behind the scene. Choice to seduce or be seduced, or none of them. Choice is also if you choose someone else to put on you his own choice. And finally choosing nothing, just observing is choice too. At the end everything is a choice and everything is just a choice, but every choice carries consequences.

Be wise about what you want, because maybe you get it.