King of Wands

Meaning of King of Wands

King of Wands is here to remind you about your ambitions, leading abilities and thirst for success. His motto is "the power is in my hands" and "everything depends on me". He suggests you to reorganize your work to gain more success. Implementation of new idea will improve your job.

This is a good time to organize your duties for this weak. To be a planner, like King of Wands is, write down all what you need and want to do. Be your own manager and make yourself influential person in yours and others eyes.

Research your qualities and virtues and find out where you best fit the King of Wands. If those of your abilities have been asleep for a while, it's time to refresh them.

King of Wands warns you not to get into false pride, vanity and self-assumption after reached success. Don't be blinded by temporary splendor and cultivate qualities such generosity, kindness, open mindedness and width of spirit.

This card represents persons having strong personality, leadership, impact on others, braveness or organizational skills. They could be entrepreneurs, managers, business partners of rich man. Also this card can represent dominant man of love partner.

If you have type of King of Wand person in close environment you probably already know how it could be hard to cope with them if they become too demanding, severe and stubborn. The best cure for that mood is ignoring them. Soon they will need attention again and will slow down. At least, they are worthy of trust and you could learn from them a lot.