Ace of Pentacles

Meaning of Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles represents new begging at the plane of material and mundane. It is new born idea in sphere tangible and practical which is pointed in direction of final grounded materialization in "here" and "now". As you already know, Pentacles are very material and refer to very three dimensional realization of desired result. So they are not significant only in the narrower meaning sphere of material, such as money, wealth and material possession, but farther more. They may round off any sphere of life by bringing realization into reality of here and now. Though, it requires some time. Pentacles are the slowest of four suits as they are related to earth element and matter. Beside that they are slow in realization, they also promise stable lasting in time and long term realization.

It is said that Ace of Pentacles is one of happiest cards, especially for the material success and gain. Investments are fruit-bearing and all invested will be increased trough the final product. This is the card of profit, benefits, interests, utilities and values.

As the Pentacles are related to material plan and matter at all, it isn't strange to relate them to physical body as well. Not to physical energy as it is case with the Wands, but physical strength and stability. Ace of Pentacles signals good health and feeling good in own skin and body. It brings grounding and recovering earth element's energy in organism. At the physical level Ace of Pentacles refers to vitality, fertility and growth.

At the emotional level Ace of Pentacles brings easiness and well being. The one feels emotional security and stability. Emotions are healthy and attitude about emotional needs, wants and wishes is simple and defined. The one knows what he wants and why. The purpose takes an important place here.

Ace of Pentacles at the mental level refers to value system. What the one appreciates and what considers as worthy. Attitude about personal worthiness is developed as The Ace of Pentacles stays at the end of others Aces. It balances influences of Ace of Wands, Cups and Swords so it brings balance and unity of body and soul, energy, emotions and mental processes. So from this, it could be concluded that Ace of Pentacles suggest serenity and clarity of mind, if the question was about that.

Usually, Ace of Pentacles is related to spring season, the same as Page of Pentacles or in some decks, such as Thoth Tarot deck, Princess of Disks. Spring is the season of growth, renewal and verdure, thus fertility. So both Ace and Page of Pentacles could be related to pregnancy and childbirth. In a broad sense term fertility may include many associations such fertile idea which is going to born into material word - to manifest.

If you pull out Ace of Pentacles as the card of the day it may mean that you have found the balance between body and soul, between material and spiritual existence or that you are on the right path to achieve that. Achieving this, opens you for new fruitful ideas and opportunities. You may expect gain or a present, maybe a small one but worthy. This signifies favorable period for starting new business projects, improving material well-being, starting new profitable job or promotion.

Meditation on Ace of Pentacles may ground you and bring more presence of earth element in your life such practicality, perseverance, persistence and dedication to your material goals along with fresh ideas of how to improve your material state and get more gains.