The World

Control and copmletition are connected with The World

This is the last Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. According to that The World represents the end of one cycle, completion, completeness... You can assume it as harvest and seed time. Once you planted the seeds now you are getting the result of invested time, energy, work, money, and devotion. The more qualities are invested in seedtime results will be more satisfying. This is the time of enjoying in achieved and preparation for a new cycle. As this cycle has come to its end, you came out from it wiser and more experienced after all tests, temptation and hard work. All of those has prepared the path to something new and even better. The decision is yours and you are the one who creates your own world. After you expanded your horizons and adopted new qualities you are able to see the wider range of opportunities. Now you have a piece of the whole world incorporated into yourself. You should regard yourself as rich and released person. Now it is time to live to the fullest, freely and unburdened by any aspect of self-doubt.


The spiritual meaning of the Major Arcana The World is simultaneously mystical and earthly. There is an impact on spiritual growth which comes out from worldly issues. Once you have accomplished your materials goals, no matter what kind they are, you are ready and finally free to research your spiritual nature. After asserting your position “in here and now” among the society, institutions and widely socially accepted activities and concepts, you have fulfilled your needs for affirmation and acceptance. So now as you know how the world functions, it is not the challenge for you anymore. You have gathered knowledge and experience you wanted and needed, and maybe some of those you didn't want or think you didn't need. Now there are no more dilemmas what is right or wrong, what is truth or not. Now you have a base to create your own world, your own reality without reassessment.


Major arcana The World is one of the greatest significators of open mind and understanding. Here we learn from experience and intuition side by side. This is the union of left and right brain hemisphere when our minds work with full potential.

Mostly we tend to think analytical and to anatomize the wholeness to very small pieces. This is usually very useful for daily duties. Another side of coins is that, due to it, we often overlook the whole picture what causes indecision, confusion, illusions, constant feeling that we miss some pieces to fully understand. And those pieces are laying on the right side of our brain.

When we access synthetic side of our brain we are able to perceive the wholeness. This is not only our intuitive side but empathic, creative, connected with our spiritual wisdom and our emotional being, capable to process impressions we get from outside what we like or dislike. The Alliance between left and right hemisphere of the brain is an alliance between experientially understanding and inner wisdom of perceiving what is beneath and behind.

I'm not going to underestimate the importance of the left hemisphere of the brain. Without it, we wouldn't be able to express ourselves as creative and intelligent beings, nor even to function normally day by day. I want to point to the importance of both and their cooperation and accordance.

Incorporation of The World into mind brings unity to our intelligent beings. As your feet follow each other and can dance in the rhythm of music let your left (masculine) and right (feminine) side to start a spiral dance of creativity and expression in the rhythm of infinity.

Freedom is connected with The World


The World represents charge of energy. Energetic sources are opened and flows are running freely. Simultaneously with that, you are in touch with your creative and productive self. As a result of that, you may find yourself getting new ideas and awareness of something you haven't had before. This is not only about yourself but rather about the world and environment surrounding you and how they function. You may feel more in touch with wholeness and realize you were disconnected for such a long time. Now things are getting clear and sorted out when you embraced The World pattern inside of your being. It is a time for you to offer to the world around you something that you have already accomplished. To set something new, provide it to others and help them reach it. It is up to you to give them the hint that there is something different and fresh like you have gotten the hint before. How they will get it, it is up to them and their readiness.

If you wonder why all this, it's because energy must keep going on. If it doesn't it will create a blockade of flows and you deny yourself for a new experience. This is the low of action and reaction at work.

This card teaches us about how the world, society and system impact us and raise our awareness how we impact them. And the range of impacts is very wide, from almost invisible to very very noticeable.


After accepting your instincts and what your body wants to tell you, you will feel more emotionally satisfied. As you accomplish your basic needs you will become more open to emotional expression. Feel free to express your feelings, thoughts, wishes and needs without shame and guilt, meaning if you finally came to understand what you want and expect you are about to go for it. Follow your heart because you deserve to get what you want and to fulfill your wishes.


Let your body to express freely, in its full beauty. Accept your body as it is and accept its desires. If you feel the drive for moving let yourself dance or exercise. Is there an impulse to do something creative with your body do it, don't withhold. This is the time for new trends and you could be the trendsetter in your environment, not only about physical image but far more. If you have come upon an idea for some changes in your look or lifestyle this is a great time to try it out. Try your new haircut, new dressing style, new habits in the matter of physical health and well being, fitness, dance class, dance meditation and so on.


Listen to your instincts. Many of your new experiences are stored into that primordial and unconscious part of yourself. Our instincts are our primary driving force and base for ecstatic experience. This card denotes a connection between conscious mind and unconscious wisdom of your instincts. All realms of consciousness are united: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

The World tarot card

Work and Business

The World suggests that you have improved your craft and knowledge relating to your work or profession. You may expect better workplace or promotion. It is time for the next level and new skills. Perhaps your new workplace will be in another city or even country which implies that you will have to change your habits, have an opportunity to meet another culture and people, adjust to new terms of work in order to widen your horizons. It usually requires more responsibilities than before.

Love and Family

The World may refer to the crowning of your relationship with an event like marriage or childbirth. This is a perfect union of you and your partner when you both act in unity as one, complement each other and both have a sense of freedom in your relationship. Your relationship may progress to next level after you left behind everything that sabotages your unity, so you may experience something wonderful, new, and experience lightness of existence. You are about to explore something new, freely, without burden from the past times.

Studying and Skills

Pupils and students should gather their knowledge altogether, build a recapitulation, and ask themselves will it serve them well. It is time to sort important from unimportant and look well how it matches the full picture of the real world and what will help their expansion. They should also think about going abroad in order to explore the subject of interests or find out new ways of doing old things.

Fun and Friends

When it is about fun and friends you can experience the easygoing and relaxed atmosphere. Some of your friends might be foreigners or you will meet new people from another part of the world, from another culture but with a similar outlook on life. You may get feeling that you know them for such a long time because of perfect understanding among you, and find out that you lost connection with people that you actually know very good for very long, even those you know from childhood.

Type of fun that fits the most with The World is traveling around alone or with company, trip around the world, cruising, visiting worldly famous spots, monuments, museums, metropolis, exploring other cultures and lifestyles.