Period of Aquarius

Constellation of Aquarius

Sun entered Aquarius on January 20th at 4:43 AM ET time zone. As the Sun moves approximately one degree per day, it will walk trough the first decan of Aquarius about 10 days, starting on Jan the 20th. These ten day were under influence of Five of Swords. Entire period of Sun in Aquarius will be under influence of The Star. Beside a card of the day, I decided to make this post as review of how Tarot fits Astrology and vice versa.

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The World

Control and copmletition are connected with The World

This is the last of major arcana in tarot deck. According to that The World represent the end of one cycle, completion, completeness... You can assume it as harvest and seed time. Once you planted a seeds now you are getting the result of invested time, energy, work, money and devotion. The more qualities are invested at seedtime results will be more satisfying. This is the time of enjoying in achieved and preparation for new cycle. As this cycle has come to its end, you came out from it wiser and more experienced after all tests, temptation and hard work. All of those has prepared the path for something new and even better. Decision is yours and you are the one who creates your own world. After you expanded your horizons and adopted new qualities you are able to see wider range of opportunities. Now you have a piece of the whole world incorporated into yourself. You should regard yourself as rich and released person. Now it is time to live to the fullest, freely and unburdened by any aspect of self-doubt.

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Tarot and the Tree of Life

Tree of Life with tarot cards and sephirothes

The connection between Tarot, Astrology and Qabalah Tree of life is very well known. It is considered the true key that opens the door of ancient knowledge and mystery world. Relations between tarot cards and sephirothes are logic and easy to understand because it stands in balance with universe, nature and humans. For any serious student who tends to deal with tarot readings, exploring inner world or spiritually self work, it is very useful, even necessary to know at least essential correspodentions.

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