Four of Cups and The Moon - Alcoholic

Meaning of Four of Cups and The Moon

Recently someone asked me how would I read a combination of Four of Cups and The Moon in the spread and does it refer to alcoholic issues? I found this as an interesting topic and decided to write a few words about it. Card combinations impress many of us, both professional tarot readers and newbie's as well as some clients and customers of our services.

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Personal Card Of The Year

Choosing Tarot Card

As we've already stepped into the new year 2017. I decided to write an article about how to find your card of the year for the current year or any other year in past or future you want to observe. This method is simple and you don't need to have some expert knowledge of Tarot. Basically, it is much like a numerology technique of adding digits. There are a few approaches to this method and you can apply one you find best suited to yourself or you can combine them together. You will need your date and year of birth and calculator or piece of paper and pen.

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Period of Aquarius

Constellation of Aquarius

The Sun entered Aquarius on January 20th at 4:43 AM ET time zone. As the Sun moves approximately one degree per day, it will walk through the first decan of Aquarius about 10 days, starting on Jan the 20th. These ten days were under influence of Five of Swords. The entire period of Sun in Aquarius will be under influence of The Star. Beside a card of the day, I decided to make this post as a review of how Tarot fits Astrology and vice versa.

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