Personal Card Of The Year

Choosing Tarot Card

As we've already stepped into new year 2017. I decided to write an article about how to find your card of the year for current year, or any other year in past or future you want to observe. This method is simple and you don't need to have some expert knowledge of Tarot. Basically it is much like a numerology technique of adding digits. There are a few approaches to this method and you can apply one you find best suited to yourself or you can combine them together. You will need your date and year of birth and calculator or piece of paper and pen.

The first method includes just your date of birth and current year. For example, if you were born on August 25th 1976 and current year is 2017, add only numbers or current year, number of month of your birth which is 8 in this example and number of the day which 25 here. It should be look like this:

+     8
+    25

then, add single digits like 2+5 = 7, and the Major Arcana number seven - The Chariot is your card for this year.

If your date of birth was 31st September, your sum will be 2017+9+31= 2057. When you add single digits 2+5+7 you will get 14. Then your card of this year is Major Arcana Temperance, number 14. If your final add is 21 and less, don't reduce it to single digits. If you use the whole spectrum of 21 Major Arcanas you will see more shades and get more colorful meanings. Of course, you can always take into consideration appropriate single digit cards between 1 to 9, The Magician to The Hermit, to gain more insight. For the latest example of number 14, it would be Major number 5 - The Hierophant. But the main card for this year is still Temperance.

The second method include your year of birth, beside date and day and current year. So, it would be look like this:

+  1976
+     8
+    25

when we sum digits 4+2+6 = 12 we get Major Arcana The Hanged Man. In this case, The Hanged Man is the primary card for this year for the person born on 25th August 1976 and The Empress is the secondary because reduced to single digit it is number 3, which is the number of Major Arcana The Empress.

And, the third thing is that you may find your Card Of The Year based on calendar New Year which starts every 1st January every year or based on your birthday or Solar return for certain year. Which means that if you use the principle of Solar return, your card of this year will be activated on the day of your birthday in this year and its influence will last till the next Solar return, namely till your next year birthday. So, for the person born on August 25th, considering the first method, Card of the year is still Major The Devil, because 2016+25+8 = 2049 and sum of single digits is 2+4+9=15. The Chariot card will be activated on persons birthday this year August 25th 2017.

As said at the beginning of the article, use the method you find most fitting for you or combine them in the way you find appropriate. There are no strict rules in the world of Tarot!