Period of Aquarius

Constellation of Aquarius

Sun entered Aquarius on January 20th at 4:43 AM ET time zone. As the Sun moves approximately one degree per day, it will walk trough the first decan of Aquarius about 10 days, starting on Jan the 20th. These ten day were under influence of Five of Swords. Entire period of Sun in Aquarius will be under influence of The Star. Beside a card of the day, I decided to make this post as review of how Tarot fits Astrology and vice versa.

To get a better insights of daily issues, it makes a sense to take into consideration combination of cards which fit certain period, similarly as you check the transits in astrology. Tarot, Astrology and Numerology complement each others and combination of them gives the best insight. Using correspondence between Tarot and Astrology you'll always be be in line with with actual trends. The premise of Hermetic science, and Astrology as part of it, is "As above so below". So looking in the stars and planets we receive the message from above what is going to happen here - below - on Earth. And something is always about to happen. So it does not hurt to keep the pace with the "above". In that matter Tarot is such an open pictured book where you can read almost everything you are interested in. While Astrology is more pragmatic and mental activity, perhaps still has an open possibility for Artist's freedom of reading, Tarot is more picturesque and thereby very open for free associations and intuitive interpretation. It is a perfect tool to put your intuition to use and test it in the act. Comparing appropriate tarot cards with appropriate astrological period you'll be able to understand more undercovered facts and truths which are not mentioned much in wide range of books and schools of thought. My intention with this post is to support your own personal investigation of that what you were not told before.

I want to encourage your investigation by starting with this interesting example:

The Star, Aquarius, forecast for this year: Sun in Aquarius from Jan 20th 4:43 AM ET to Feb 18th 6:50 PM ET when Sun will enter Pisces Five of Sword, for this year: Jan. 20th till approximately Jan .30th Six of Sword: approximately Jan. 30th till Feb. 9th Seven of Swords: approximately Feb. 9th till Feb. 18th King of Swords, 0 - 20 degrees of Aquarius: Jan. 20th till Feb. 9th, overlaps Five and Six of Swords Knight of Cups - 20 -30 degrees of Aquarius: Feb. 9th till Feb. 18th, overlaps Seven of Swords The Fool and The Tower could also come into consideration because of high influence of Uranus due to fact that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.

You may join me at Facebook and Tsu if you are willing to share comments about your impressions. This is meant to be as an exercise of free associations and freedom of expression in your intuitive insights. This is not provided for me but for you. Perhaps, you may consider my suggestion and choose to do it on your own.


King of Swords as King of Heaven - Uranus Knight of Cups - with the grail - holly grail reference - like a Prometheus who broth (stole - 7 of swords) fire from the sky (Thunder) Thunder (The Tower) and sacrificed (Pisces) himself for mankind and progress (Aquarius)